Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bunny Post

I have been lazy and haven't posted anything spring or Easter like, so here is a couple bunnies I have laying around in the studio mess where I love to be. These are a couple plastic bunnies that come apart at the seams and I filled with odd buttons

Then I like my pink girl bunny I have her sitting in a little pink paper bucket with pink satin bail hanging from my put together chandelier

My rabbit box I made myself, anyway I call it a rabbit box because of the die cut rabbit I got years ago at a sale . I have a lot of eyelet material and just used some of it to cover the box

Some of my favorites

Who doesn't love a crown? I'm surprised I haven't covered it with rhinestones

Then my little Wendy Addison Birds on a Brittany Lowe pink tree. Dream Wish and Hope .
Then sun is out and I am go glad I just don't function good on cloudy days

I'm off to a soup supper at church then home in my favorite chair then TGIF tomorrow LOL

Joined in Pink Saturday party


  1. I love it all and wish I could wander around in your studio!

  2. I see why, your studio is darling with all of these pretties. I think the button bunnies are so cute, and the crown and pink tree are my favorites. Happy Spring.

  3. Cute idea for buttons. I love both them and BUNNIES! Janice

  4. Dear Janice:
    These are all such sweet spring things. We are getting sooooo ready aren't we! Bring it on!

  5. What sweet little Bunny touches about the house Janice! You know I love the glitter birds! I have two big Valentine boxes to still give to you when I see you next. I did a post, so hop on over and check it out! xoxo

  6. Oh, I'm such a sucker for bunnies. But the button bunnies? That is genius! They look perfect together and I love the neutral tone of the buttons. (At first I thought they were banks! Pull apart is much easier!) Delightful.

  7. Janice, I love your button-filled bunnies! And that crown is really something (don't change a thing about it!).

  8. Oh my goodness, your button bunnies are adorable!!

  9. All are very sweet! I just love the bunny box you made!

  10. Hey Janice .. Your button bunny are adorable... You’ve inspired me to make a few Easter hearts with my paper doilies .. and I love using doilies ( ha Ha)... May I wear the crown and share a cup of tea with you ... You’ve inspired my crafty ambitions for EASTER ... Do have a lovely day ...Hugs

  11. Love the button filled bunnies! All your things are precious!