Thursday, March 29, 2018


Look what I got in the mail today from another blog friend who has the blog Bama Planter  He has lots gorgeous antique furniture and primitives which was my first love.

Anyway he sent me a  1830's  Pink Luster teapot and 4 cups previously and today I got a sugar bowl to match !!!! I was thrilled to death when I opened  the box  LOL it's beautiful

Now aren't these sooo pretty?  Also the lids are there which so many got broken. I want to have a tea party

I am so thankful to have these rare antique 1830's dishes, just think what all they have survived.

What a great Easter present, then my other blog friend Bernideen  surprised me by dropping off this pretty basket with blooming flowers and I love the green moss on top.  She is so thoughtful 

Now here is a little basket I have sitting in the studio year round upon a shelf 

Happy Easter this Holy week

Pink Saturday Party 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bunny Post

I have been lazy and haven't posted anything spring or Easter like, so here is a couple bunnies I have laying around in the studio mess where I love to be. These are a couple plastic bunnies that come apart at the seams and I filled with odd buttons

Then I like my pink girl bunny I have her sitting in a little pink paper bucket with pink satin bail hanging from my put together chandelier

My rabbit box I made myself, anyway I call it a rabbit box because of the die cut rabbit I got years ago at a sale . I have a lot of eyelet material and just used some of it to cover the box

Some of my favorites

Who doesn't love a crown? I'm surprised I haven't covered it with rhinestones

Then my little Wendy Addison Birds on a Brittany Lowe pink tree. Dream Wish and Hope .
Then sun is out and I am go glad I just don't function good on cloudy days

I'm off to a soup supper at church then home in my favorite chair then TGIF tomorrow LOL

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Tiny Painting

Just a very quick post before I head off to work. Wanted to share my tiny 2 inch painting I have hanging on my red wall in my office


I  got it in a resale shop I think for 50 cents . So glad it's Friday

I have an entire wall of odd Gold items hanging , some perfect some not. Gotta go

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