Monday, February 26, 2018

Shopping & Birthday Trip

This last Saturday couple of my best blogging friends and I went to Springfield Missouri to go to a fabulous fun Tea Room then do some antique shopping. It was a Birthday trip for Ms Bernideen's special day.
Gina planned this trip and we were not disappointed. It was so fun at Ms Gilore's Tea Room. Read Bernidenn's post about the trip she has wonderful pictures of it all. I didn't get any pictures of the tea room however took pictures of some of my purchases.

This was my thrill of the day, my first antique 1800's staffordshire royalty figurine statue.I wasn't sure who this was so sent an email after I got home to an expert on these Richard Cottrell who is on facebook and gave up his wonderful blog on his 1845 home and fabulous antiques. Click on his name to go to his previous posts where Gina and had brunch with him and did a tour of this fabulous house.

Hope you have been watching Queen Victoria on PBS? anyway Richard told me this large figurine was Queen Victoria' and Prince Albert's oldest son and his wife, the clock represents his time waiting on the throne . How very interesting to me. This is approximately 12 inches in height.

You that know me know I love cobalt blue and white dishes and ran across these at a I would call a junky flea market but glad we stopped because I got these for $12. I don't need another set of tea cups however couldn't resist.

Now even though we were celebrating Bernideen's birthday she gifted me with one of her wonderful tea cozies. I LOVE this needlepoint cover. It is just fabulous in my book. I went right home ( next day really) and put it on my large teapot. Here is her etsy shop where she sells them.

I also purchased some pearl handled forks at the nice antique mall where I got my staffordshire then at the flea market where I got my cups and saucers I got this little blue and white hinged box for 75 cents !!!!!

We left at 7:30 am and I drove back in my drive at 9:45 pm. Do you remember Gina's blog 

Now to end this post in fun I want to show you something I got at an estate sale very recently. Ugly however very interesting. I have friends who will want this LOL

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  1. Well from the good and beautiful to the "so ugly it's cute" Love the blue and white and that Staffordshire piece is fantastic.
    So glad you had fun on your girls day out. xo Diana

  2. Well looky here - I see somethings I recognize. Yes, your Staffordshire piece is the history and there is that tea cozy. Your Monkey, well.....he's scarey like those flying monkey's in the Wizard of Oz!

  3. It was such a fun trip! Your Staffordshire piece really is a good one, glad you chose that one!

  4. Ok, that monkey is, as you said, interesting:) The figurine and tea cozy are awesome!

  5. What a lovely visit here with you today! I visited the links you provided and have had such a good time! Ah, that tea room!
    Great finds - all of them! You find such truly fine things!

  6. OMG Janice ... I want to come antique shopping with you gals... What fun and what interesting pieces you have found. I love the cobalt blue cups and of course that needlepoint tea cosy is just the cat’s meow... Isn’t the Staffordshire piece historically special. Thank You for providing all those great links too... I had an exciting time on your page ( ha Ha) ....PLease do visit me again for teatime...Hugs

  7. We would make good junking/antique partners. I love all of your finds, even the ugly one! lol

  8. I love days like that! Good friends and fun finds. That last one is a little scary though!

  9. Sounds like such a fun celebration ! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  10. What a fun adventure for you and friends. A sweet tea room them off to antiquing. You can't ask for much more.

  11. Hi Janice!Joy is Where you are!Great time with friends!Love the wonderful tea cozy and the exquisite teacups.I am looking for them but they are very expensive here...Love the beautiful blog of Richard too!Hugs.

  12. Those cups are really pretty. I love the flowers inside the rim. I am planning a diversion into that tea shop the next time we're driving via Missouri to Illinois. Thanks for the tip.

  13. I love the blue and white. I need to check but I think I just bought a creamer in that pattern. Is that box Limoge? If so it's a find of a lifetime. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch. Happy Birthday. Great finds.

  14. What interesting finds!

    And what a fun fun tea house trip meeting up with Bernideen. ♥

    I can only imagine how much fun you all had together.

  15. You obviously had a day well spent! I'm fascinated by the royalty figurine couple/clock. He even looks like the actor who is portraying Albert in the Masterpiece Series. That reminds me that I missed last night's series. I'll have to catch up with the recording some time tomorrow. The series is so well done. Thanks for taking us along on your delightful adventure. Cherry Kay

  16. sounds like a fun day to find some great treasures!