Monday, February 26, 2018

Shopping & Birthday Trip

This last Saturday couple of my best blogging friends and I went to Springfield Missouri to go to a fabulous fun Tea Room then do some antique shopping. It was a Birthday trip for Ms Bernideen's special day.
Gina planned this trip and we were not disappointed. It was so fun at Ms Gilore's Tea Room. Read Bernidenn's post about the trip she has wonderful pictures of it all. I didn't get any pictures of the tea room however took pictures of some of my purchases.

This was my thrill of the day, my first antique 1800's staffordshire royalty figurine statue.I wasn't sure who this was so sent an email after I got home to an expert on these Richard Cottrell who is on facebook and gave up his wonderful blog on his 1845 home and fabulous antiques. Click on his name to go to his previous posts where Gina and had brunch with him and did a tour of this fabulous house.

Hope you have been watching Queen Victoria on PBS? anyway Richard told me this large figurine was Queen Victoria' and Prince Albert's oldest son and his wife, the clock represents his time waiting on the throne . How very interesting to me. This is approximately 12 inches in height.

You that know me know I love cobalt blue and white dishes and ran across these at a I would call a junky flea market but glad we stopped because I got these for $12. I don't need another set of tea cups however couldn't resist.

Now even though we were celebrating Bernideen's birthday she gifted me with one of her wonderful tea cozies. I LOVE this needlepoint cover. It is just fabulous in my book. I went right home ( next day really) and put it on my large teapot. Here is her etsy shop where she sells them.

I also purchased some pearl handled forks at the nice antique mall where I got my staffordshire then at the flea market where I got my cups and saucers I got this little blue and white hinged box for 75 cents !!!!!

We left at 7:30 am and I drove back in my drive at 9:45 pm. Do you remember Gina's blog 

Now to end this post in fun I want to show you something I got at an estate sale very recently. Ugly however very interesting. I have friends who will want this LOL

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Give Me Some Sugar

xoxo No not that kind ,some sugar bowls. I love old dishes as anyone can tell by looking at my blog and I really love the 1800's large sugar bowls they are as large as a teapot, anyway mine are. I love this green toile pattern large sugar from the 1800;s I bought it once at a shop closing , it has a couple boo boo's however that is OK with me cause i'm not a perfectionist

Sweet little feet

I only have 2 of the toile pattern and am looking for one to match my latest gift teapot. Love this pretty pink toile large sugar bowl also

compared to average smaller sugar bowl

This is my beautiful  gorgeous 1830-1840 pink luster teapot from my antique friend in Alabama .
Also check out his blog if you love true 1800 antiques

Long Goose Neck Spout

Previously he sent me the gorgeous tea cups as seen in previous posts of mine. I am at the least thrilled. You know when a person sends you such a treasure they are a very good person .Also if you ever read  or have any Tasha Tudor books she collected these dishes

Now I need to get to work, after I have a pot of hot tea

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Hearts and Cards

Hard to believe it Valentine's week already, I'm just going to show cards I made this year and some of my Hearts I have collected through the years . This one I have named the Veiled Lady. I usually don't know where i'm headed when I start a card I just add things as I go along. I loved this old piece lace.

 With her veil lifted to show her face. I always add rhinestones to my cards
Its hanging from my chandelier over one of my work tables with lots other fun stuff

 Now this is some of my hinged Hearts I have collected. The clear one my 7 year old Grandson gave me for Christmas this past year

This is an old silk Sacred Heart I got at an auction years ago in a box of goodies

Love this Scared Heart of Mary box that opens

Here is a box I fell in love with the color since I have an old pitcher same colors

Oh I forgot this card I made last weekend. I used a red tag card and white paper lace doilie of course a few rhinestones and ribbon, the girls were some die cuts I have had for years.

Love this old pitcher the lid is broken however I love the colors, I sold this once to a dealer and when she closed her shop I bought it back from her double what she gave me for it LOL I really wanted it back.

Hope you all get pretty cards and box of Chocolates, I still am working on a couple cards creations. I'll be checking out your Valentine post also.

I also wanted to say to you who still love old antiques from the 1800's like me need to check out the blog Bama Planter, he post southern antiques from that period and I love them

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Pink Luster Tea Cups

WOW look at these sweet beautiful antique pink luster Tea  cups and saucers another sweet blogger sent me !!!!!
I was thrilled to pieces when I seen this big box at my front door, couldn't hardly get it opened fast enough to see what was inside.

I had been looking through a couple of my Tasha Tudor books back in the fall after I had gone to a new friends house for lunch for my birthday and Karen had a gorgeous set of these dishes just like Tasha Tudor did. Now lots of them are staffordshire maybe all because they are English dishes.
Karen even has the teapot and cream and sugar which I have never seen the sugar bowl.

Gorgeous and I'm still so excited I own these since you just don't see them everywhere like other tea cups and saucers ,these below are my favorites ,I had never seen the circle pattern . There is two of each pattern he sent me.

I couldn't wait to show these off so piled them on my silver tray and stared taking pictures

This is the first pattern I had ever seen in pink luster, the house pattern. Love it . Also the saucers are not flat they are like a small fruit bowl,deep. Did you know the story that people in the 1800's really drank out of the bowls also?

Love this pattern also, beautiful 1800 patterns

This is in the bottom of couple of the tea  cups the tea leaf ? maybe charming what ever it is .

OK  us have a couple cups of tea today ,I'm sort of afraid to add hot water into these they are very delicate and beautiful of course and I want to thank Marshel with all my heart for sending me this wonderful gift, You know a person has a good heart when they will send another blogger such a gift.
I can join in Pink Saturday today for sure with my pink staffordshire Pink Lusterware cups.

Now is it named Pink Luster or Pink Lusterware china?

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