Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Love

Once again I have fallen in love with another kitchen item. I have seen this black and white MacKenzie checked items for a few years however I always bought blue and white china for my kitchen. Now I have the bug for these items.
I was surfing through TV channels one evening and run across Evine and the MacKenzie Child items. It was just overwhelming to see so much of course I wanted it all. I knew I would use the Teapot so after seeing it two different days I ordered it

I ordered what they call a recipe box however I will use it for a different use in different rooms in my house. What about putting some chocolate truffles in it ?  I thought also I could put it on my dresser and put some bracelets in it. It's a good size not like the small recipe boxes from the 1970's

I set the teapot on my Burleigh cake plate to see how the blue and white and black and white will blend together in my messy kitchen.

I hate to use it now. The bottom is white and my glass top stove needs cleaned so will do a good cleaning before I use it ,I don't want the bottom of the white teapot dirty after using it,right? I got the large size also.


 I bought some material at Joann's to make me a plaid tablecloth black and white with a red thread run through it, now I need an apron ,don't you think? since I spend lots time in my kitchen

Tell me not to buy anything else to match the teapot and recipe box in Mackenzie Child's pattern LOL

because it cost so much I'm sure this will be my entire collection.

I'm going to a luncheon / tea party Saturday and I want to take these along for show and tell LOL
Then I'm going to visit some old friends who are dear and near to my heart


  1. Oh nice! What wonderful treasures!

    Been thinking about you since I posted my tea exchange yesterday.

    Take care.

  2. I love your new things. I have always wanted a teakettle like that. BJ over at Sweet Nothings has lots of bl/wh check pretty too. You should visit. I think it looks good with your blues. Certainly goes well with the dogs. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Oh, I love your teapot/kettle and it looks splendid with your Burleigh Calico! The black and white checks are so striking how could you resist?? Truffles in the recipe box sounds like a good idea to me. Thanks for sharing your treasures, Janice, and have a wonderful week.

  4. Love these! Black and white goes with everything:) Hope you have a lovely week! xx Karen

  5. I think the black and white goes great with the blue and white! I haven't gotten into the Mackenzie Child's stuff because I have no where to put it and I don't think I could control myself. You got two really nice pieces, which make a nice collection.

  6. Because I am "crazy for porcelain", your Burleigh Calico is the first one to catch my eye!Just beautiful and goes great with your new teapot and box.

  7. Just lovely and it makes me think of bj (Sweet Nothings) and the pieces her hubby built for her that she saw in MC magazine. Love the Burleigh Calico, too!!! xo Diana

  8. Oh how fun Janice! Isn't it fun to get something new and exciting? You have been working so hard, you deserve it!
    Looking forward to seeing you Saturday! xoxo

  9. It all goes so well together! Glad to hear that you are having a good time with friends!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  10. I love Mackenzie Childs, too. I saw the knobs at two different friends' house years ago and then I saw the teapot at another friends' house a while back. I love to look at their lovely things but all I have is one drawer pull. I gave our daughter a piece of furniture that had two more drawer pulls. I like the mugs. Isn't it all just so adorable? You SHOULD take your teapot for show and tell!
    You'll enjoy it so much because you love it so much!

  11. Love your teapot! ... and the recipe box is absolutely terrific!
    My mother is a HUGE fan of Mackenzie Childs, and after my father passed away and she decided to redecorate her new single woman home, she furnished the living room and parts of her dining room with Child's furniture. My sister and I laugh and say that she lives in an Alice in Wonderland world! It truly is intriguing, beautiful and inventive design!
    I came here from Beverly's Pink Saturday blog hop - thanks for sharing your new treasures...I enjoyed seeing them, and vicariously enjoyed your pleasure of owning them!

  12. ...oh! and I meant to mention how much I like the title of your blog - very inviting and romantic and nostalgic!

  13. I am afraid I can't tell you to resist now that you have the bug. I have been resisting for years. Everything they make is just gorgeous.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Janice. Thank you for always making Pink Saturday special. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one with the most clicks".♥

  14. I love the MCH kettle and your recipe box. I don't blame you, these lovelies are irresistible, indeed !