Saturday, September 2, 2017

White Plates


I am still plugging away at my 40 hour a week job at my ripe ole age. Making money for a new Mercedes or a 2nd house on an island LOL

I called a friend this morning and we got to talking dishes imagine that anyway we was talking about collecting odd white lunch and dinner plates.So I got to looking in cabinets and drawers for what white plates I still have.

My Favorite are these 8 inch lunch plates that remind me of the majolica green cabbage dishes


Then I found 12 of these small pie plates in a resale shop once for 50 cents apiece I just had to bring them home and have never had 12 people over for a piece of pie yet. They look as they never was used


This stack of  Ralph Lauren plates I found at Dillards on a clearance table in the pattern whipstitch



I had to show some lace today also since I was looking for a lace tablecloth in mt stack,I want to make a large oversize top out of. Pictured these are just lace collars I have on a mannequin in the studio . I'm in the mood to sew and since I am also off Monday for the holiday maybe I can get my sewing table at least cleaned off to get started on my project


Thanks for checking in one me


  1. How exquisite!Love the lace collars too,just beautiful!

  2. I love all your white plates! The only ones I have are Corelle!
    Glad to hear that you are still plugging away on that pesky timeconsuming JOB you have! It will be nice that you get Monday off. I am looking forward to seeing how you make an oversized top from a lace tablecloth! Sounds intriguing!

  3. White plates are always useful as they'll go with anything. The cabbage leaf plate is a beauty, it reminds me of a coalport teaset my Mum has.
    I hope you share photos of your lace top when you finish it. Enjoy your extra day off (I just can't imagine working 40 hrs a week, I'd struggle with a 4 hour week with my chronic fatigue! ).

  4. I, too, hope you find the time to work on make a top from lace. I've got four collars in the shop right now. I would love to figure out how to use them for myself. Thanks!

  5. Oooh, an oversized lace top sounds wonderful! Please show us when you have it made. You have some pretty white plates too!

  6. Hey Janice, please tell that sorry Gina girl she could at least post a few pics of her garden every two weeks. She wouldn't have to type anything! All that beauty should be shared !! Tell her that per her request I put captions to my blog pics on my two posts of the antique shop. Marshel

  7. You have a nice collection of white plates! I read once that food photographs really well on white plates - so if you ever do get those 12 people together for pie, be sure to take photos - lol! I am intrigued by your idea of making a top out of your pretty white lace - I hope you share the results with us! x Karen

  8. Love the white dishes. Now that I am older, I wish I had only ever bought white dishes.....because you can change up little salad plate or linens to make your tableware fit the seasons and holidays. Blessings to you,, xoxo, Susie

  9. LOL - I always say we will never be able to retire. We will be the oldest Walmart greeters or something when we are in our 90's haha! I work 30 hrs. a week but I'm SO fortunate that a few months ago, I was able to begin working my job from home. I LOVE those pie plates -- the simple, unique design is beautiful!

  10. All that beauty should be shared !! Tell her that per her request I put captions to my blog pics on my two posts of the antique shop. Marshel