Sunday, September 24, 2017

Velvet Pumpkin Time

Well guess it is officially fall now so I will set out my sweet velvet pumpkins named Hot Skwash. Have you seen these at different decorating shops ? and here in Columbia they are at Kent's florist I know for sure.
I got mine at an estate sale for much less than originally priced. I love them and set them out year around in the studio .

Yesterday I had lunch at Wanna Be Victoria house , Gina that is. Her house was decorated so cute with all her fall items like leaves and pumpkins.Her house is the decorated like  an authentic old Victoria home, furniture dishes accessories which are beautiful. Bernideen was there and Karen from a small town close to Columbia, I don't think Karen has a blog? I need to ask.

Look at he the tiny pumpkin sitting beside the quarter. Some in the florist are covered in crystals for $300-400 each !!! ouch. Should I cut the name tags off the pumpkins? I like seeing the name myself?


Well I'm going looking around some blogs which I really miss now that i'm a working gal again. course I always was a working gal just had a great job previously and could blog all day. Not now.

Enjoy today.

Oh and please say a prayer for a friend Nancy who lives on the island Vieques off  Puerto Rico . The hurricane hit hard and I haven't heard anything from her since last Tuesday at 2:29 when she sent pictures of the shelter she was going to, a high school gym on her island.

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  1. Glad to hear from you. I don't know how they will recover in Puerto Rico. Hope the giant ships are there with supplies.

  2. I sure wish I could find some velvet pumpkins at an estate sale or thrift shop too! Maybe you and Bernideen could talk Gina into having her blog again some day. I love Victorian too and miss seeing her Victorian things.

  3. I made some velvet pumpkins last year and they were harder than I thought! SO pretty, though!
    I hope you hear from your friend. There is still no power, water or cell phone reception in Puerto Rico except for a litte in San Juan. Not sure if the power is electric or back up generators. My daughter is in Humacao - right beside where Maria made landfall. I heard from her yesterday and am waiting to hear that she has made it off the isand. It is real dangerous down there right now.

  4. Oh such lovely pumpkins in so many fun sizes. And now if we could just get the cooler fall weather to go with it! It was fun seeing you yesterday at our delightful luncheon. I got a "parking lot diagnosis" today when a lady told me I pulled my hamstring. That's sounds about right to me and I am slightly better today - so glad!

  5. I so love your many pumpkins, they are gorgeous. As here in Denmark, we don`t celebrate as much Halloween as you do, there are no such luxury pumpkins to buy here , :-((
    Greetings from Dorthe

  6. Your velvet pumpkins are fabulous! I just love the smallest one. I hope you hear from your friend Nancy soon!

  7. Oh, I love these sweet velvet pumpkins and the name is really cute, too. The blue one is my favorite. Sending prayers for Nancy. xx Karen

  8. Hi Janice, love your velvet pumpkins! Thanks for your kind words
    about my house. :) I had been wondering about Nancy, I do hope she is okay. I was thinking about that house that she's been trying to sell. Maybe this will be her answer, if she has good insurance?

  9. I love your velvet pumpkins, they are so pretty! Very elegant! I wish Gina would come back too...I loved her blog! Has it cooled down any there yet? Its still hot here. I do hope you hear from your friend Nancy real soon....that hurricane was something awful and there is so much destruction, hope they made it through safely.

  10. These velvet pumpkins are gorgeous! Wish I could make them, I know I can find those around here.
    Yes prayers are like a lifesaver in these troubling times, what with natural tragedies and war torn countries, etc. I hope you have some news from your friend soon.

  11. I bought velvet pumpkins several years ago and have much enjoyed pulling them out year after year. They are different and timeless and perfect for autumn. Yours are lovely. I think about the people of Puerto Rico every day. It is heartbreaking to think of the trauma they have been through and the long journey ahead for all of them.

  12. I love your velvet pumpkins! I have only one, the rest of mine are pretty much mercury glass. I think of those poor folks hit by the hurricane too. The devastation and loss is horrific; bless their hearts! I hope you hear from your friend Nancy soon and that she is ok.

  13. Maybe this will be her answer, if she has good insurance?