Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summer Wreath

Here is my newest summer wreath made by Bernideen at Bernideen Tea Time Cottage . At my yard sale this last Friday Bernideen and her husband stopped by and she noticed my huge now turned summer green my white big some people call them snowballs however they are a type of hydrangeas.

Anyway she said cut me some and I will make your a wreath if you want one, well of course I wanted one

Oh and she made it just overnight,I talked with her Saturday and she said bring me one more extra large bloom and i can finish your wreath. I  went right out and cut one and went over and watched her cut this huge bloom and hot glue it on a natural grapevine wreath.

I just love the color and how she made it

Here is the artist Bernideen in pink  and me in her tea room and art room

She has really been a treasure to meet and keep me inspired to keep working with treasures creating works of art

Parties I joined in

Pink Saturday 


  1. A lovely wreath. You look like a creative couple of ladies!

  2. It is really pretty. Never saw hydrangeas so green.

  3. Oh, that is so gorgeous! Does Bernideen put the blooms on the wreath fresh? She must, if she does them so quickly. But do they just dry on the wreath or does she spray them with anything?

    Yeah, the green color is unusual to me, too. If you left them on the bush would they eventually turn another color or white?

    I think you and Bernideen will do a lot of fun stuff together and both inspire the other. Thanks for showing that lovely wreath. I am now inspired to find a "snowball" bush whose owner will give me her blooms!

  4. That wreath is fabulous. I especially like the way she "scalloped" the edges. It makes a big statement and I sure wish I had one!

  5. So pretty! Love the color. Spray it with hairspray to preserve it!

  6. This is beautiful---you are a lucky lady to have a friend like this!

    Jane x

  7. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite so i really love this! Used to have a HUGE hydrangea wreath over our fireplace. What a great friend, lucky you1
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  8. that looks great! Love the cute picture of the two of you together!! Hope you've had a good week!

  9. What a pretty wreath! Such a sweet friend! x K

  10. Oh dear - there's that horrible photo of me! Where's my makeup kit! Ha!

  11. Used to have a HUGE hydrangea wreath over our fireplace. What a great friend, lucky you1