Wednesday, June 7, 2017

She Can Be Yours

I am home today waiting on my air conditioning man which has been an ordeal to get us both available at same time

While i'm home today I am boxing up things I no longer want and decided I don't want this painting any longer.

She is a repo painting and when I found her in St louis once she was happy to come home with me, now she is available to make someone else happy . The frame is 29 x 25 inches on canvas

The pictures itself is 23 1/2 x 19 1/2 approximately

the painting has a white spot /blemish on the dog you can see it below his eyes , looks like whoever painted it either skipped this spot or dropped a tiny bit white paint on the dog?

I am still packing odd dishes in boxes

teapot tea cannister odd blue plates white wood cannister box etc sugar jar


  1. Wow Janice, you really are getting rid of stuff! I'm feeling the same way! Let's get together soon! xoxo

  2. Howdy, I've missed a few posts and reading back. Happy late b/day to your friend Norman, from Charleston! And did you find a bottle tree? I love love love all your blue bottles in your windowsill so much, not sure I could ever take them out to put on a tree! ha ha LOL I collect blue bottles too...but I dont have nearly as many as you. I have alot of multi color ones in my windowsills, not just blue. Theres just something special about the pretty blue ones, dont you think? Bottle trees are a big thing here....quite a few all over the islands and the other areas too. I nearly always stop to photograph them when I see them. Ive put alot of bottle trees on the blog, but don't have them organized and all in one who knows what year they are on? (sorry!) LOL LOL LOL HOpe you're having a real nice JUne so far!

  3. So nice to have a good clean-out. I'm sure your sweet painting will find a good home. xx Karen

  4. I am finally getting to the point of not wanting things anymore! I love the blue and white canister shelf. I hope you find a good home for the painting!

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