Friday, June 16, 2017

Garden Faces

I have a small little flower bed out back of my house and few flowers in my front yard with  several little faces in both areas.
Lots of blog gals are showing the most beautiful flowers already and my seeds are just up about 2-3 inches now.
I have several big elephant ears planted again this year, last year they were huge and I loved them.
This little angel gets moved around, she is all chippy and sweet and have had her several years now

My smallest dancing girls flower pot has a begonia in it this year, which I like to show off I just love these flower pots, I have let them go chippy chic this year instead of painting all white

My large dancing girls planter full of geraniums behind a make do fence in my flower bed

These are blooming out front of my house and about 3 years ago a neighbor gave me 3 little looked like sticks and they have turned into these beautiful large white blooms

My last little angel who fell off my wood fence and broke and I just couldn't throw her away. I live in an older house and my concrete flower bed has cracks and broken bricks and I just try to disguise it all with pretty flowers in the summer

A friend gave me an entire flat of small plants she had started in her basement last winter and I have them all planted in this heat however a nice rain sure did help night before last, can't wait to see them all blooming
Have a nice cool weekend in your nice air conditioned house, I finally got mine fixed

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  1. I love your chippy angels! I fix up what I have too. We can call ourselves Shabby Chic-ers!

  2. Oh your broken angel is perfect the way it is. I love all your planters.

  3. Love your garden sculptures!Beautiful white flowers too!

  4. Everything looks darling and I love the angel all broken but perfectly lovely!

  5. The chippier the better! I love all your planters, even the poor broken one....

  6. Oh I love your dancing girl pots! So pretty! Visiting you from Pink Saturday...I hope you'll come link up at my Vintage Show & Tell!


  7. Your little chippy angel statues are just my style! I love them and the dancing girls are wonderful.

    I see that you like the red transferware which I love, too. I am trying to collect the Old England Castle Series and have one or two. There are many but some are hard to find.

    The snowball (hydrangea?) bush is beautiful. I really want a hydrangea. There are some called "Endless Summer" that are supposed to bloom all summer I think. I would like one of those if I can find a place to plant it!

    Thanks for the interesting and lovely post!

  8. Love, love, love your garden faces! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  9. I love your sweet garden gals! I have a few in my garden as well. I love them chippy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Such a charming garden with all your sweet little dancing girls and angels! Love your white hydrangeas! Hugs xo Karen

  11. I loved my little stroll through your pretty garden! I am loving your pretty flower pots......very very unique!! I couldn't have thrown that little broken angel out either...she's too cute! Where did you get those dancing ladies pots anyway...I sure see alot of stuff like that here in charleston and I've never seen any like yours.......those are really really neat!!

  12. I adore your gardens and sweet little planters and statues. Those white flowers are beautiful. I do enjoy the chippy look and appreciate the stories older pieces reveal. Thank you for visiting and leaving me such a nice comment. Triple digit heat here for seven days now. I would welcome some rain annd so would my plants. <3