Monday, April 10, 2017

Things I like

I'm home from work and yard man is here mowing and the sun is out so it's a good day. All my hydrangeas are coming up and so is my peonies.My yard still looks very bare. I need some flowers blooming for sure. Seems like all the nurseries and Lowes are getting lots bedding plants in. I'm not planting till I get back from a trip.


I was going through lots of my buttons and I really like this old lamp part and the vintage looking tag I bought from a shop closing up near Kansas City Mo. I took them out in the sun for a picture of them. My house is dark in the afternoon due to large trees around my house and the west side neighbor's  house hides my house from the late afternoon sun . My next house will be lots windows facing east to west not north ans south

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  1. You are so lucky to have hydrangeas and peonies! Must be lovely. So glad spring has come!I like that vintage photo tag too!

  2. Dear Janice:
    I know you are getting excited about your trip!

    When your birthday comes in November we will have you wear that as a crown when we go for tea! I bet you will want to go back to the same place as Gina's choice too. Just kidding of course! (about the crown)

  3. I love old portraits like this one!wonder who she was?

  4. Dearest Janice,
    I'm so in love with your ancient photograph, it truly won my heart !
    Does it belong to your family ?
    It's really wonderful as all the things you collect, as well, Dearest One !

    Hope your week is off to a good start,
    I'm sending blessings on your coming days
    with much love

    XOXO Dany

  5. I like your button display and makes me think I need to do this!

  6. I am a button-lover, too. And a vintage photo-lover, and a lover of many other things! One I'm enjoying right now is the bed of daffodils that are blooming along my driveway. When they bloom, then it is Spring!

  7. Hydrangeas and peonies, wow! Here in the midwest we have nothing but maybe some daffodils and tulips (if we're lucky!) Love your vintage button display. Are you planning on moving? xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home (formerly Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home})

  8. lOVE your buttons... but, I love those candles on the side bar of Mother Mary. Where did you buy?...

  9. OOPs my fingers went to press publish and I wasn't through. I have never seen candles like that they are beautiful . I would love them in my home.
    XOXO Marissa

  10. I'm glad your hydrangeas are up. I am preparing to plant zinnias, sunflowlers, and cotton. I want to quilt my aunt's quilt top she left me and need to grow some more cotton so I can stuff it with the seeds still in it like my great great grandmothers did. Marshel in Alabama

  11. Ooh, I love old portraits and photos....I always look through the piles of old photographs and can't help but wonDer if some day my precious photos will end up in such a pile. Love the way you displayed your photo with the other items. I've been wondering where you found those beautiful candles pictured on your side bar?? They're gorgeous! Have a good day!! Xo

    1. Oops I meant to say I always look through the piles of old photographs in the antique shops that I frequently visit.

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