Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Hat

I was thinking of looking for a new yard hat for this spring and summer and wondered how this lamp shade would work LOL

It looks great on my glass ladies head in the studio, I even added a black veil under the shade for her to look her best 1960's stylish way.

I am busy putting away a stack of magazines I love and want to keep and changing out things setting around the house..She is sitting on one of my bookcases where I put special magazines.Have a good week end I plan to also.

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  1. You need to post a picture with it on you!! It sure looks good on your lady!

  2. So glad to know that someone else keeps special magazines! I always call myself a "magazine slut" as I hardly ever met one I didn't love! My family doesn't understand and is always telling me to get rid of them. I could be more organized about how I store them, tho', I admit. Sounds like you have a system. Anything you are willing to share along those lines I would appreciate learning.

    By the way, the lamp shade hat is really pretty, but if you're going to wear it in the yard I don't think it will work to keep the sun off. Sorry, but you need to find something with a wider brim!

  3. You are so cute. Isn't this sort of what some people wear while dancing after having a few too many nips at a party? Ha!

    Happy Weekend!

    Jane x

  4. You made me smile!Have a nice sunday!Here is a rainy and cloudy day!Hugs,Maristella.

  5. So cute! I may just have to copy that hat! I have a lamp shade at the farm cottage that would work on my ladies head!

  6. I would love to see a picture of you wearing it dear that would really make this post more complete otherwise it's not a bad one and I like what you have shared.

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