Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Back in 2013

Just ran across a post I did  in 2013 where I was wondering why ladies quit blogging with no explanations. I'm having hot tea and doing this post before I start another yard cleaning day outside

I am getting lots done,yard work most of yesterday and had help with little grandsons ages 6 and 9.

I had a chandelier outside hanging in a tree over the patio and took it down since all the crystals was blown off ,guess the birds carried them off?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Still on Break

Hi Y'all I'm still taking another week or so for a break, trying to get lots done. I wish I was sewing up these gorgeous pillows however i'm not


Happy St Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Quit Blogging ?

I have always wondered why ladies quit blogging after so many years and lots post? I have had several bloggers who I loved their blogs just quit, no explanations why. I wish they would say, I'm tired of writing post, or I just don't have anything else to say,or i'm into something else now. Just say something, you know write a goodbye post, let us down easy.

I started blogging for entertainment, I was a widow at 60, my kids all live away from me two in Oregon, My sisters are busy with their families.My married girlfriends have their husbands, some still have college kids at home. I'm home alone with my male cat Shirlee. I blog, feed birds, feed stray cat. Visit an old man in a assisted living complex at a senior village. I use to shop a lot until cost of living like health insurance and personal  property taxes have gone up considerably. I go mass sometimes 2-3 times a week.  Am I whining? LOL yes I am

I need to take up new interest, like walking and exercising and lifting weights to get some muscle tone back, if possible at my age ? I once read where a lady at age 70 started doing this and had excellent success and of course she looked great again.

In the spring I work in my flower beds a lot and that really takes a lot of my time which I thoroughly enjoy digging in the dirt and seeing the results during blooming season.

I am just taking a BREAK for a while. I will be back