Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas

It's almost here and I hope everyone gets to their destination safe and sound. Our weather has greatly improved so no problem here or anyway today.

This is another small tag card I made and its hanging from my light fixture/chandelier over my work studio table. She is same background Christmas Princess as the tag I made for the tag swap on my previous post.I used lace off an old blouse I bought at an estate sale once and then of course had to have rhinestones on it and the tiny bottle brush tree.

I work for the University of Missouri in Columbia Missouri and for the first time EVER the University is completely closed all  next week with PAY !!!! !for their employees !!! Since I am a part time person I didn't think I would be included with the pay side of this event,however I am and so excited. I already have a whole week of activities and antique shops lined up next week and a movie.

Merry Christmas and A very Happy fun New Year xoxo

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

The ATC Tag Swap

I joined in with other gals for the ATC tag swap. This was my first time for this talented group. I was over thrilled with what I received from 6 different very talented gals.

I'll  show in no particular order

                    First one  below was from Kim                                      
                       From Jane
                        From Liz
                      From Becky
                          From Nancy
                         From Sylvia
This is my tag I sent to be included in the exchange from Janice  

I can't say enough about how special these tags are and I love them all,the gals really are talented and I will keep the tags for years i'm sure .

Thanks to Kim for doing this 

I am home today with this morning -18 below wind chill and icy roads yesterday and today, so I am playing in the studio and making another cake. I have taken 2 naps already today also. It's good to be stuck at home once in awhile 

Merry Christmas 

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Finally got my White Christmas Tree up. Like I said last year I want a green tree next year LOL.
Just a few pictures. I have got out a few of my favorite ornaments and bottle brush trees for this year. Next Year I am starting in October LOL  to decorate since I am so slow in my old age
 Merry Christmas
 It doesn't show up in any of these pictures however I have lace around this tree for garland
 Are you all ready for company? Not sure I have my house ready but will pretend to.
I am waiting on our first big snow also

 I showed my little baby shoes last year when I made them,they are setting on one of my messy work tables downstairs as I drag out my decorations. I have a cabinet in the studio I leave Christmas in year around. Right now this room is a disaster, however I know where everything is I want to use

I am having my daughter and son in law and 4 grandsons over this Saturday for  Christmas at Grandma's. My grandson's love how I order Shakespeare's pizza for our Saturday lunch.
We do our gift exchange here so the boys will know what this Grandma gave them. I will make a carrot cake from scratch and have that delicious cream cheese icing on it for dessert. It's always a fun filled day, I love having them over.

Merry Christmas 

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tree Display

I am slowly working on getting my tree up just today, Yesterday I did get lots of my little bottle brush trees out and set all along the top of my old chippy dish cabinet.I may rearrange them after I look them over but for now i'm satisfied.

This was a sweet surprise from my newest friend Bernideen. She really just layed it on my front porch them text me about it. I immediately got some wire and hung it around my mailbox. It's fresh greens and berries. I love it and it warmed my heart knowing she thought of me .

I will continue on today by working on my white tree and all the trimmings .

I am enjoying watching all my cardinals eat,there is about 30 outside on my patio where I throw black sunflower seeds and have been putting shelled corn out for my squirrels however they prefer the sunflower seeds.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Day With Friends

Monday this week I drove over to Clarksville Missouri to tour once again Richard Cottrell's 1845 mansion all decked out for a Victorian Christmas.
His House is beyond any house I have ever toured for beauty and amazement. His decorations are over the top beautiful,lots of them he makes.
He also has a very sweet beagle named Buddy and he stuck right beside me this tour. Richard had a silver tinsel wreath around Buddy's neck
 Buddy is a sweet very well behaved dog and I could have taken him home with me,I miss my dog
We all were upstairs in one of the bedrooms. His toile wallpaper is wonderful.
 Richard made this cardboard house a replica of his house
 These candelabra's  are my favorite thing in his house and always look for me a pair even though my house isn't large enough to showcase these. This is mantel in his dining room,everyroom in his house has a fireplace
 This is the front living room looking out you can see the Mississippi River and a large steamboat was passing down the river,it looked like the Queen Mary, however we think it was a Gambling boat being moved down river?

Please Look at Bernideen's latest blog post she has many more pictures posted than me and every beautiful detail of this magnificent house.

Call 573-242-9688 and schedule a tour for only $5 per person

I want to go back this month.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Decorations Coming Along

As I drag boxes from downstairs upstairs I am rethinking what all i'm getting out this year. I always want it all out and I have way too much in a small house.

So I plan to get the tree up and all my candleabra out plus my Christmas mice today.
 I just love this little tea cup and pot I ordered from Victorian Trading Company a few years ago. The large  bowl is from Longaberger while it was still made in USA back in 1995 I think is when I got it and matching cups and pie plate
 My beautiful old quilt I got a yard sale years ago for $10. Somethings I just hang onto forever.
 Of course had to get my red truck and mice out to set on my table for a few days. These are the mice my 8 year old Grandson picked out for me last year. He got them in Schafer House in Jefferson City. That is a beautiful store to shop in
 Not sure where these larger mice came from another gift last year  Also love my little blue and white tea set and this small plate with Santa

I need to get in high gear and get real busy Christmas at my house is December 17th this year.
I sure enjoyed my little bit of snow this morning also. I was out in my pajamas doing a video haha

Have a great Sunday . I'm going to a Christmas party and dance tonight

Friday, December 2, 2016

Lime Candles

I am getting decorations out and love this color of lime green candles.I bought them in the summer from a local florist at the sidewalk sales in August at Kent's Florist here in Columbia
I really like the candelabra with the angels. It was in the sidewalk sale also
I still need to get all my garland out to wrap around it and then the tree and all that stuff and I have a full weekend planned and not at home.
 These are dark pictures since I took them early this morning headed out the door to work and it was still dark outside at 7 am I only have 2 lamps in my front living room where this is

I am going over to Clarksville Missouri with couples ladies and possibly my daughter to tour Richard Cottrell's mansion who is having Christmas tours of his fabulous house. He is on facebook and you can see pictures. His house is a dream for us vintage and victorian ladies who likes pre civil war houses 1854.
You all keep posting the most wonderful; pictures of your Christmas decorations. I want to put a small tree in my kitchen on top of an old chippy dish cabinet then a tree in living room and my home office area. I need more energy to get this all done by December 17th when I have Christmas with my local family 

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