Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Latest Gift

Hello once again and I am so glad it's Thursday evening. Soon as I got home from work I made me a dish of apple crisp.I had seen it on another blog today where she made it and so of course I was craving it. I work where I can read on the internet all day just as long as I answer the phone when it rings. It's the only reason I can stand the job. Who wants to set in a chair all day waiting for the phone to ring. This is how I can read all your blogs also.

Anyway I went to a grandson cross country race one afternoon earlier in the week and my daughter said she had a box for me and she knew I would love it,she said something for the studio so I knew it would be something old or rhinestones LOL

So here is my newest gorgeous item to play with. This precious heavenly little angel or cupid on the cover. I love the ribbon and flowers adorned around him                                                        
I just think it's great I can't wait to do something with it . It's a hard celluloid outside cover and the back in velvet

 The inside picture frame edges are so pretty with the lovely ladies and the pretty scroll work, the gentleman's picture isn't very pretty however
 The outside edges are so pretty also my daughter said she got it at a church rummage sale in Jefferson City Mo for $1 . Said it was sitting on floor in a cardboard box and no one else had wanted , it this was in the afternoon also. So the first pickens gals missed it LOL
The end metal clasp is missing as on so many of these. Not sure what all I will do with it beside maybe make some greeting cards out of the inside sheets. I would like to hear some ideas of what else I could do with it. Tell me what you would do?

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  1. The old photo albums are so pretty. I always wanted one but were so expensive but recently I was handed one down by a family member full of family pictures. It is so sad to see someone did not keep the pictures. Glad it is in your hands!

  2. Wow , what a great find! Not sure what I would do with it...but it's so pretty just as it is anyway. I cant beleive that price on it....that is amazing!! I bet its worth so much more. Either way---its lovely.

  3. Somethings from the past are better than today's. Great treasure.

  4. Well let me tell you what I would do with it Janice, give it to me!! It is wonderful, and for $1, are those garage sale pricer's crazy?! So nice of Tera to give it to you! Awww!
    Have a wonderful weekend, and week ahead!

  5. It is gorgeous. I think you will make something wonderful out of it!

    xo Dianne

  6. I love these things! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  7. Thanks for your comment on my duster, looking for shades of tops to wear with it. Your gift is so pretty, the scroll work so delicate. I'm afraid most of my pics from my great great grandfathers had the same demeanor.

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