Thursday, June 23, 2016

More Little Favorites

I have a lot of little things that I have stuck in cubby  holes and jars and on shelves in my studio that it's hard to get rid of a piece of furniture because there would be no place to put my tiny favorite things. I really like antique sewing notions the little sewing machine next to the scissors is very small and has a little spool of thread in it and tiny scissors. Love these little scissors also some old screw back earrings
I have had this old painted turquoise cabinet all over the house once in the kitchen now in the studio. It never had glass in the door and the back of it is a mirror which makes it heavy. I have been going to break off the mirror and put lace back but i'll leave it alone there is more things that need attention now. ps I leave my little Christmas trees out year long in this cabinet
Then I have a lot of large jars some of which I have sold but decided to keep a few so I stuffed them with some of my old lace and get it out of a vintage suitcase so I could see it. I like it in the jars. There is a lot more just didn't have a picture

Boy is it HOT !!  upper 97  I am not enjoying this heat index of 106. I would much rather have snow any day. Our parish picnic is tonight and I just don't think I can eat a hot dog in 100 degree temperatures even if it's under a big tree on a paved drive? LOL 

I am still working on getting my camera situation  worked out. A  gal  is going to show me how to get to my pictures off my iphone 6S to my pc which I have done  however can't use them through blogger ? seems blogger and iphone doesn't connect. Any advice is accepted  

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  1. Same temps here and I am eating cereal for dinner. I would love looking at all your goodies.

  2. How sweet and it looks like your are very organized!

    I couldn't sit outdoors if it were over 90 degrees...maybe when I was younger. Not even in the shade.

    When I want to use pics off my phone I email them to myself on the phone and then download them to my photo library on my laptop. Hope that helps. :-D


  3. What a stunning idea to put laces into jars, so you could see them all at once !
    I've never thought of it, but I'm going and do it this same afternoon, when I'm looking for something so much time goes lost just looking for what I want, even if I have all in order in a big box.

    Also here in Northern Italy we've such a hot for a few days ( more than 30°C ), but I have to admit that your temperatures are truly hard to stand, stay cool at home if you can, dearest Janice !

    Finally I want to say that I'm so very proud to have you amongst the followers of ~ My little old world ~, I'm sincerely honored, thank you !

    Sending love and dear hugs to you

    Xx ~ Dany

    P.S.: As for the pics, I also do as Jane wrote in her comment just up above ;)

  4. Love your sweet little treasures tucked all about. Blessings Francine.

  5. I love those little scissors. And I have some pretty things on shelves in my bedroom too. Stay cool! It was so hot here last night I didn't even try to walk! Hope we can some relief soon! Hugs!

  6. Such precious treasures and this delicate cabinet is also wonderful.
    (As for the pictures I upload them like Jane does) it works well, just a little time consuming.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspiration with us at TOHOT.

  7. You have so many beautiful treasures. I always enjoy seeing what you have. Blessings, Nancy Carr

  8. I have the same sweet little crane scissors that I inherited from my grandmother. Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful post at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  9. I always love seeing your pretties. That tiny sewing machine is adorable and the lace looks beautiful in the jars.

  10. So many little treasures, here there and everywhere . . . I love it! These are the things that make creative spaces enchanting and fun places to send time. These are the things that reflect your personality . . . beautiful :)

  11. I completely understand the need to keep all of those treasures. I know I would too. Have a wonderful week and I hope things cool down for you soon.
    Joyous Wishes, Linda

  12. Dear Janice:
    Your cabinet and the jars looks so pretty. The old items show up so pretty and your photos of them are lovely!

  13. Hello, What a lovely blog you have and your photos are so pretty. I love all things vintage and antiques are treasures to me! I do hope to stop in again soon! I love little jars and baskets filled with lace and buttons and litlle sparkle treasures!
    Always, Roxy

  14. Such sweet treasures you have! Love the turquoise cupboard. You may be having camera problems but your pictures are lovely.

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