Monday, March 21, 2016

Rearranging Ideas

I am OFFFFF work all week ,I just had to have some time to get me and my house back together. All winter I have just dragged myself to work came home and set in the recliner till bed time or sometimes went to bed and watched TV till I dozed off. I need free time to do what I want to do in what time I want to do it. Can you relate?

First thing this morning I was in the studio with all my Ideas of rearranging shelves and putting some things away in pretty round hat boxes. I have played in the studio a few times this winter and let me tell you I can work in a messy room and table no problem LOL However I am going to get it all organized once again for about the 4th time since I made a studio room

Here's just a few pictures of what i'm working on today

 The morning sun is just coming up and shining in my windows full of bottles . Some of my bakelite buttons on a wire around their necks
Some of my altoid tins the back 2 I got in a swap 
 Of course my lovely buttons on a 3 tier dish
 Myribbon door ,I need to roll up some of the ribbons hanging down
 My sweet bunny in a pink wreath ,this shelf is a total mess

I also have a wire mannequin I am painting white today 

My big book of IDEAS , I have it crammed full in plastic pages things I would love to do 

You know I'm a single lady (mostly British according to my DNA) and this entire house is all my collections and messes 
Thanks for looking around the room 

Linky parties I am joining in 


  1. Wow, looks like you have some great stuff for creating! My studio looks a mess more often than not. So glad you have some "me time" to have fun with all your goodies and maybe get a little organized. Have a great week! xo Kathleen

  2. I do see organization there so that is a plus. I need to get more organized here. Have fun.

  3. I like it when I see a craft room that actually looks like a craft room that you can work in! You are much more organized than I. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Such a wonderful craft room, so many goodies.Blessings Francine.

  5. Hi Janice! I like all the pictures and especially the bottles! Have a great week my new friend!

  6. Janice, I had no idea you had such treasures down there! It's like a store! I'm going to have to get down there! lol
    That bunny is so cute, is it wool? I like how you displayed your buttons too!
    You didn't want the week off to clean, you wanted to play! :)
    Talk to you soon,

  7. Janice, you have so many goodies in your home. I could spend days just looking at them. Good luck with the organization, and when you finish you can come help me down here. Love you. Blessings

  8. Enjoy your week off! Believe me I am so bad in the winter about spending too much time in my recliner........hey wait a minute I am in it right now! Having fun playing this week

  9. How great to have a crafting room all of your own, hope you enjoy pottering around in there! xx

  10. Dear Janice:
    I love your "where I create" room and all your freelance design. It looks very darling. I hope to have you and Gina over very soon. We are working every day unpacking. Gina came by yesterday as we had a nice chat. We are very tired every night and today we didn't get as much done as we would have liked because we had a lot of other stuff to do and my husband got his monthly eye shot for Macular Degeneration. We will be back at it tomorrow. So glad you linked and shared Jancie!

  11. Looks like your mess is confined to shelves. Mine has spilled onto the floor and furniture, and I cannot work in a messy room!

  12. It may be a little messy but it is a very pretty mess! Love the buttons. I would love to poke through this room and look at all your lovely things!

  13. Mess or no mess, I love your space! It must be very inspiring for you. Thank you for sharing it with let's talk vintage this week!

  14. I could spend all day looking at you pretty things, I bet! That little pink bunny wreath is just adorable. I bet I spend as much time in my craft room organizing as I do crafting! But I love it!

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