Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Window Glass

Oh I have been so busy on my week off work and haven't been able to stay home one day and get things done like I had planned. Not much cleaning and haven't painted either. However I have helped a couple people that needed help.

I had a wonderful Easter weekend. I went up to Lee's Summit to visit my sister .Her daughter and grandson were Baptised on Holy Saturday at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church. That was very special
Then Easter afternoon I got to spend the day with my 4 grandsons and take chocolate bunnies to them etc.

I have been doing a little yard work like 6 big bags leaves and 3 huge bags of dead limbs that have fallen out of my trees all winter.Yesterday one 8 year old grandson helped me

As I think about cleaning all my south windows I see besides dirty windows these pretty things. It may be old fashion however I like colored glass in a window so the sun can shine through it.

 I always liked these lace in glass, the long one is ducks
 The crochet and old lace is so pretty
 This one has rosters in the crochet lace

 My violin bottles that I have had 30 years,one I bought when I lived in Paducah Kentucky
 These I got a hospital gift shop sale for 75 cents a piece , really. I need to get some white buttons in these
 Then my blue Hallmark chicken and an old clear glass chicken that easter candy came in

I am off to another busy day however the sun is out so won't complain. I run on sunshine 

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Book Completed

Hi there it's almost Easter and I don't have any bunnies to show off I wanted to finally show my little fabric book I finally completed this morning. I went down to the studio to sweep and do laundry in my laundry room and decided to heck with the vacuum i'm going to work on my book. After all I'm on vacation

I'll just show you page after page and I will probably add a few more things later like more lace and buttons but you can see my style I have gone for, scraps of material and lace.

 This first page is a vintage ladies hankie rhinestone buckle a pink bow and millinery flowers
 I bought these buttons on a spool already threaded , added a crown pin and ecru antique lace
 Odds and ends of lace and crochet for a pocket to put my card of buttons in
 Scraps of my all time favorite material and some vintage red buttons
 This is a little girls tutu I cut up added some white bows and a rhinestone dress buckle
 A little embroidered doily with rick rack buttons and a paper doll peeking out
 This is my favorite page
 Vintage buttons and a original little chick for baby clothes, it was in it's original package
 More of my toile fabric with an machine embroidered patch and another sweet rhinestone button

        Oh I see a thread or two I need to cut off, well anyway it's completed so I can drag out the vacuums now and get to work

Below is my sweet blue bird and I added a crown for her also                                                

Thanks for looking at my 12 x 12 inch fabric book 

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Rearranging Ideas

I am OFFFFF work all week ,I just had to have some time to get me and my house back together. All winter I have just dragged myself to work came home and set in the recliner till bed time or sometimes went to bed and watched TV till I dozed off. I need free time to do what I want to do in what time I want to do it. Can you relate?

First thing this morning I was in the studio with all my Ideas of rearranging shelves and putting some things away in pretty round hat boxes. I have played in the studio a few times this winter and let me tell you I can work in a messy room and table no problem LOL However I am going to get it all organized once again for about the 4th time since I made a studio room

Here's just a few pictures of what i'm working on today

 The morning sun is just coming up and shining in my windows full of bottles . Some of my bakelite buttons on a wire around their necks
Some of my altoid tins the back 2 I got in a swap 
 Of course my lovely buttons on a 3 tier dish
 Myribbon door ,I need to roll up some of the ribbons hanging down
 My sweet bunny in a pink wreath ,this shelf is a total mess

I also have a wire mannequin I am painting white today 

My big book of IDEAS , I have it crammed full in plastic pages things I would love to do 

You know I'm a single lady (mostly British according to my DNA) and this entire house is all my collections and messes 
Thanks for looking around the room 

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wallpaper Box

I was in the only good resale shop I like here in town and found this wallpaper box for $1, it's  like a little hat box. I know back in the 1800's they did cover boxes with their old wallpaper and these boxes are hard to find and pricey when you do find them or any that I have seen was pricey like $100 because of the rarity of them surviving that long.
The paper they used on this one is really a good copy of the 1850's paper.
I think it looks good with my staffordshire dogs and I forgot to take a picture of another box sitting right next to my newest box,you can see a little of it,I got it in Lexington Missouri at an antique shop
I just set it here on the shelf to see if it fit in with my other items
Here it is sitting next to my 1820's sugar bowl I got at an antique sale once ,it has a small crack but I loved the green transferware pattern
Since it's Saint Patrick's Day I have my green shamrock pin on and showing some green on the post today. I usually forget to wear green to work every year . Remember when we were back in grade school ?  and you would get pinched if you didn't wear green . Oh and yes I am 14% Irish according to my latest ancestry DNA report 

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Saturday, March 12, 2016


Good Morning

I am playing with my results from Ancestry  on my DNA results. I always thought I was 90 % German with Father's last name Dauksch. However I am British mostly 62 % then Europe East which includes Romania Poland  and Lithuania 34%, my daughter says that's where I get my gypsy blood and looks when I was young LOL anyway it's fun and interesting. I called my brother in California and my local sister to tell them they were as surprised as me about our ancestors.
Do you like that show on PBS about finding your roots ? use to be Who Do You Think You Are.

Don't scream  !!!! LOL here I am standing in front of Trump Tower on 5th Ave in New York CIty last summer. My friend Terry thought I should see how pretty it was inside and the wall water fall.

This was back before all the presidential talk from him also.

Here is an adorable tin bread box / picnic box I got at a local resale store ,I had to doctor it up a little It had a broken handle which E600 took care of then it had a huge metal lock on the front which I removed 
 I'm not sure what I'll store in it in the studio maybe  all my black buttons?
I know this is random post  from DNA to Trump tower to Bread box LOL

Now I have got to get busy with some house work.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Update on Fabric Book

Just a quick post showing of the 2 pages I have got started in my pretty fabric book. As I add one thing then another idea comes along to add more things. I think I'll try to keep it simple however I like a lot of glitz so will add some to other pages

    This sweet little pink chick was in it's original packet from 1940's an  advertising was for a babies nightgown I added some very light pink lace at top of page and pretty buttons,a green velvet leaf off a ladies hat. Then some pink crochet at the bottom
                          I will put my J on the front cover
           I just love these little flower rosettes I found in one of my stashes
     A busy table with some of my glitz rhinestone buttons waiting their turn
Some of my cotton laces I am going through to pick out some pieces worthy of this project,which I think I have too many choices

I forgot to show a piece that had another blue bird embroidered on it that I will use.

I have been so busy last couple weeks I don't have a lot of time to play.

I am getting my bedroom wallpapered then a company will clean out my registers because of the dust in my house. Moving all my bedroom furniture out would choke a horse all the dust bunnies that came forward LOL 

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Studio Projects

I am sooo happy we are going to have a sunny weekend.When the sun is out I can work up a storm however on raining cloudy cold days I just eat and watch TV, really .
First thing this morning while throwing my sheets in laundry which is next room from the studio I started getting some white fabric material out to start on my fabric book like Laurie at Indulge Yourself  makes.
I am sure she spends a lot more time on hers than I will.
I have some materials I have got at different sales that I am going to use. I have wanted to do this I bet 3 years LOL

This white eyelet material I think is for the ends of pillowcases or sheets, I bought about 20 yards for $10 at a yard sale once.It is so pretty. Then I will use my pearly J I got at Joann's or Michaels once
 This is a beautiful piece of white material with metal threads I got at an estate sale of an artist once. This was a beautiful blouse however to small for me but I wanted the material for projects. Hope you can see the shiny threads.
 My studio is on the east side of my house and early morning it is so cheery and bright like this piece of material that will be a page in my fabric book
 Then we have to have white buttons right? I bought an old ladies 1940's hat at last city indoor yard sale and have picked her cream colored flowers off to use also
 Also I will trim some pages with this fancy lace trim that has been in one of my lace boxes for years

                Little glass buttons in glass bowl                                                      

Have a great sunny weekend 
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