Friday, January 22, 2016

Tennessee Receipts

I am taking a break from showing pretty dishes I have found lately and showing you this old cookbook that was handwritten I think about 1942? by ladies of First Presbyterian Church of Nashville Tennessee.I have had it for years and sure I got it an an old farm auction once.
 My sisters have tried to talk me out of this cookbook since they both love to read cookbooks and I have had friends who want it also. I just never could part with it because I love American history and its a history of how women cooked back in the day.
 I found one date in book 1943  never heard of this recipe Welsh Rarebit?
I like how all the ladies signed their married names , Mrs Horace G Hill When I was first married I was always Janice Robertson not Mrs Dennis Robertson Sr guess I was always a women's lib woman LOL back in the 1960's

Also never heard of a piece of butter size of an egg, in the above recipe for Welch Rarebit
 Mrs Thomas Mitchell Mrs William Berry Mrs Humphrey Hardin Mrs Craig McFarland
 lots of good ole advertising in back of the book grand Ole Opry and Roy Acuff's
 Oh I would like a piece of this cake by Mrs( L.G. )Margaret Mc L. Dunn

Do any of you have family from this era who lived in Nashville around 1943 who knew these ladies? Probably Your grandmother's era 

also Mrs H. O. Blackwood Mrs J.C. Keeling
Mrs Willard O. Tirrell

It is so interesting to read recipes in their own handwriting. I am a real sentimental kind of gal and I know anyone who's mother helped made this cookbook would love to have it for a keepsake.
Do I have any Tennessee gals out there reading this? 

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  1. Dear Janice:
    I think this is very fun. Wonder how it was printed. I'm thinking maybe an early type mimeograph machine? I love historic recipes. It would be fun to have on the table at a ladies tea as a real conversation piece!

  2. Good Afternoon Janice, I adore old cookery books and I do tend to collect them myself. There is something so precious about reading recipes which someone has handwritten. I love the different styles of handwriting. Mrs Dunn's handwriting is very similar to my Grandmother Ivy's handwriting.... oceans apart, but very similar. Actually I had to look twice because the writing was almost the same.
    I have never come across an egg size piece of butter for Welsh Rarebit... but it sounds pretty amazing.
    I remember writing to my grandmother and I always addressed the envelope Mrs John Dix (Gramps name), it was not the done thing to write Mrs Ivy Rose Dix.... very frowned upon.
    I certainly understand why you love this book as it is quite a treasure.
    Best Wishes

  3. Tennessee gal here, 80 miles south of Nashville. What an interesting cookbook. Don't think I've ever seen one where the recipes are handwritten. Love the old ads.

  4. Hi Janice, That's a fun cookbook but what is the deal with receipt verses recipe? They are two different things, do you know the history behind that?

    1. I remember something about that from grade school?

      the action of receiving something or the fact of its being received.
      "I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter"
      synonyms: receiving, getting, obtaining, gaining; More
      a recipe.

  5. Someone that enjoys cooking, this is a treasure. I have one that came with my mother's first cook stove. Not sure how old it is.

  6. Fabulous! It's quite a treasure as a book, let alone all those marvelous recipes. Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. Tennessee girl here.. Born and bred

  8. Welsh Rarebit is a traditional English recipe , butter size of an egg is as well , it was solid butter scraped with a spoon till it curled up to make an egg shape ...guess someone back in the day had family from England

  9. I love that the recipes are handwritten. That book is a treasure and the oven temperatures is interesting, too. I have seen old recipes that ask for a "slow" oven but had no clue what that would be.
    I don't think I ever, once, in 40 years of marriage have signed with my husband's name instead of mine.

  10. I'm a Texas girl (transplanted to Tennessee 15 years ago) stopping by from Pink Saturday. Your cookbook is wonderful! I love that you're wanting to get it to someone with ties to the women whose "receipts" it features. That's very kind of you. I hope someone sees this and comes forward. I have some recipes written in my ancestors' handwriting, and I treasure them!

  11. Janice, your Tennessee Receipt book is a treasure. The Oven Chart is my favorite even though I would love to try a piece of that Jefferson Davis Pie. Thank you for sharing your wonderful treasure with us at Vintage Charm.

  12. We live in the Nashville area and I know someone that has this old recipe book. It has some really good recipes in it.

    1. Oh I would like to know more about these ladies
      and know how they came about hand writing this book of recipes

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