Sunday, January 31, 2016

Latest Finds

First I want to show my latest button finds. I am always on the lookout for buttons,pretty and Mother of pearl buttons that is. Seems like there is lots common buttons in jars everywhere I go.

I am not having any luck getting my MOP necklace together either. I really need a person by my side encouraging me. Now when I am at work I have all the enthusiasm to get it made then when I get home i'm out of  enthusiasm. Any of you ladies who work outside of the home knows what I mean.

This is the best of what was in a square jar that I found Saturday at a shop I had never been to in Jefferson City Missouri. There was a lot more not worthy of a picture
I love the large celluloid button with the sort of octagon middle.I think I have another one in my button drawers in the studio . The tatting shuttles I got at another thrift store I got 7 for $8.
 Then the larger blush colored coat button . The square jar of buttons was $5
 There was a few bakelite buttons and I like the star cut out buttons ad the red leaf buttons

I bought the jar just to get the larger buttons

Here is my Mother of pearl buttons I am trying to make into a necklace

Just for fun a jar of beauties I posted already on Button Floozies 

Here is some more of my old buttons 

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Friday, January 29, 2016

My Hearts

Here is a few of my hearts around the studio

This is a card I made a few years ago and I think I mailed it to a friend,I'll have to look for some of my old cards  which I like making . I only have one friend who really appreciates home made cards and altered art projects. I can't understand people who don't Get It ? LOL                                                

How many of you also have this sweet tin ? I have kept her several years

A wonderful beaded heart laying on some antique lace another auction find years ago I have a couple old suitcases full of old lace

 I just love this romantic couple that was all made into lamps base
Just a few homemade cards hanging from a light fixture above my sewing machine
Bingo I made and card on left was from a card exchange which I like doing  

Today is my oldest/first  daughters birthday and she got her Michael Kors purse and billfold in the mail from me and loves it . 
When she was born I got lots boxes of valentine candy brought to the hospital, that was back when you stayed in hospital 7 days when you had a baby 

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Heart Cake

I made me a heart shaped Valentine cake a couple years ago and already posted this however I was so proud of the cake wanted to reminisce about it LOL
 I didn't ice the sides
 iced the top
 It really looked pretty in person sometimes pictures don't do things justice
 I just had to cut me a piece soon as it was iced,it tasted soooo good

My 3 layered  red velvet heart cake and  all I need is a pretty cup of tea in one of my pretty tea cups 
                     Happy Valentine's next month LOL

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Found Items

I found my first roll of vintage wallpaper. When I first started blogging 5 years ago everyone was showing their rolls of beautiful found wall paper rolls. They were also paying a lot of money for some of it. I had never ran across any vintage wallpaper

 Gina and I was at Kirksville at some shop? not sure which one and I just happened to look down in a corner of one of the booths and seen this roll.
 I will use it to make greeting cards and maybe to line a box or two. It cost $1.50

Then before we went to Kirksville I went to a thrift store here in town and found this gravy boat which matches transferware dishes I already have 

 This was a bargain at $2.00  !!!

 Just a few transferware cups I have 

I have got to go and get a box prepared to mail to Portland Oregon for my daughters birthday this coming Friday. She never reads my blog so I will tell you what I got her. A large navy Michael Kors handbag, the one with the lock on front and a matching billfold. I think I always have to have a matching billfold for my bags

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Tennessee Receipts

I am taking a break from showing pretty dishes I have found lately and showing you this old cookbook that was handwritten I think about 1942? by ladies of First Presbyterian Church of Nashville Tennessee.I have had it for years and sure I got it an an old farm auction once.
 My sisters have tried to talk me out of this cookbook since they both love to read cookbooks and I have had friends who want it also. I just never could part with it because I love American history and its a history of how women cooked back in the day.
 I found one date in book 1943  never heard of this recipe Welsh Rarebit?
I like how all the ladies signed their married names , Mrs Horace G Hill When I was first married I was always Janice Robertson not Mrs Dennis Robertson Sr guess I was always a women's lib woman LOL back in the 1960's

Also never heard of a piece of butter size of an egg, in the above recipe for Welch Rarebit
 Mrs Thomas Mitchell Mrs William Berry Mrs Humphrey Hardin Mrs Craig McFarland
 lots of good ole advertising in back of the book grand Ole Opry and Roy Acuff's
 Oh I would like a piece of this cake by Mrs( L.G. )Margaret Mc L. Dunn

Do any of you have family from this era who lived in Nashville around 1943 who knew these ladies? Probably Your grandmother's era 

also Mrs H. O. Blackwood Mrs J.C. Keeling
Mrs Willard O. Tirrell

It is so interesting to read recipes in their own handwriting. I am a real sentimental kind of gal and I know anyone who's mother helped made this cookbook would love to have it for a keepsake.
Do I have any Tennessee gals out there reading this? 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Meet Irene

I have really been on the hunt lately and have been lucky enough to find a few things I love and will enjoy.
First I was stopped at a thrift store downtown on my lunch break and walked right up to these beautiful blue and white plates with the name Irene on them .Sort of a flow blue plates where the deep blue runs over into the whites of the plates.

 These are my kind of plates I just love the flower design around and the lightly gold trimmed edges.and the sways of beautiful blue
 The best thing about the find they were $1.00 each
Here is her name Irene with her crown 

I am thinking of bringing a small table up to my office so I can set a little table and leave it set at all times, sort of like playing house LOL 

I have a couple other things to show next 

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Friday, January 15, 2016

New Tea Set

I was out and about and decided to stop in a local thrift store rather a junky thrift store and found this gorgeous tea set. The teapot was $5 and the cream and sugar was $5 and cup and saucer was $2. So for $12 I have another  perfect blue and white tea set with  no chips. Love it and have it setting on my round ottoman in the living room

 The tea pot is marked on bottom japan
 The sweet little cup is so thin you can see through it when held up to the light,thought I would put a pretty glitter spoon in it just for show. I purchased several larger cups and saucers in the same pattern

Someone ask me if you can use the glitter spoons, No they are just to look at and admire how pretty they are.
I am so ready to get out and hit the trail to find new treasures for this year aren't you ready also?

I want pretty thing like antique jewelry , painting, and I want a velvet chesterfield sofa LOL just thought I would mention that. My cat has scratched up my special oder $1000 sofa from 20 years ago

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Calendar Cup 2016

Good Morning this nice rainy day with some snow flurries south of me in Missouri.Now that you have my weather forecast LOL

 I have a new 2016 Calendar Cup  to show off I purchased it online through Williams Sonoma. I love going to Williams Sonoma once I went in there and came out with one of those Ruffoni pans $$$, I had always wanted this certain pan and it was in stock so !!!!! I love it
 I thought it was so unique just had to have it and it's a big mug also
 I already checked out what day my birthday is on this year and next Christmas and everybody in the family birthdays. Do you do this?

 I found these sweet cups at a local flea market junk store for 50 cents each ! just this pass week when I was showing the Germany family around town
 I use to have this complete set of dishes service for 12 !! Sold it
 Then when I hit Dillards 75 % off sale New Year day I was lucky enough to get 2 dinner plates
 They look really nice in my wall plate rack they are the ones next to the green calendar plate

I have to run and fast I'm headed to Jefferson City for a 9 am basketball game of my 5 year old little grandson 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Mice in the House

I forgot to show you my newest little mice I got for Christmas from a little Grandson. My daughter said he seen these and knew his Grandma Jan would love them
They are made out of wool and each one has a name and I Love them.

There is Walt with his pipe Pearl with her knitting needles and Henry reading his book
I just love them as I said and they will set in my kitchen all year in a little creamer filled with sterling 
tea spoons. I had to show you their little tails

I am home today putting away Christmas and New Years decorations decorations and I made a pot of home made vegetable beef soup and it is sooo good.
I got another bookcase also and rearranging my books in my home office and taking the old book case down to the studio for my sewing and craft books 

Hope your New Year is off to a great start. I have seen blogs Already posting Valentines ? So guess I better drag  some out also LOL 

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Looking Back

OK you're suppose to go forward in the new year however I wanted to look back at my wonderful year of 2015.
I may miss a few events but here is a few . I started off with an adorable card from a friend ending the year

       I started out in February rearranging my kitchen cabinets and eliminating some dishes
End of February we had a big snow for me to play in
 This is a picture I took looking up my street from my front porch. I was out playing in the snow several times that day. Nothing like this year so far we have had such warm temperatures

Then early March I painted in inside of one of my old chippy dish cabinets 
 I had all cherry furniture in my kitchen once and sold it to be replaced with old farm cabinets all with chippy paint. Maybe at my age I should want the Cherry kitchen set back however I still love my white chippy stuff.

I admired all my beautiful hydrangeas as they bloomed

One of my yard sales in june

My first trip to New York City  was in July my friend had a cake made for me and had a neighborhood party to introduce me to her neighbors and friends. 

We were in Little Italy after having lunch at a restaurant where a previous gangster had been shot and killed 
 Then we went shopping in China Town and I love all the hussle about the price of things
Ladies would come up to you and ask if you wanted Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tiffany, Rolex  items etc. Black market knock offs,of course I bought some tiffany earrings and they broke first time I wore them  LOL . This picture below is one of the knock off purse stores in China Town
Here I was on Long Island Sound beach not far from Terry's home. We drove clear into to New Jersey and drove to east end of Long Island , she also drove up all over Manhattan. I love New York City all the hussel bussel and stores  

One very special trip was getting to go to Medjugorje Bosnia- Herzegovina  where apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary are still appearing . I had read about this place since 1992 and had always wanted to go.This is taken on Apparition Hill
 I was at a medieval city in Dubrovnik  Croatia this city which was all enclosed was built in the years  200 BC. The coast line of Split Croatia was so beautiful.

Then on our way back we stopped in Paris Frances and I had to buy the Eiffel Tower salt and pepper shakers because they are glass I know I can put some pretty rhinestone of tiny white  mother of pearl buttons in them after the salt and pepper is gone.
On one of my posts I had to show you my pink chair I painted for my studio, I also have a blue one and a white one very similiar to this gorgeous Pink chair or should I say throne of mine ? 

I know this was a long post however just remembering what a good year 2015 was for me . I can only hope and pray I will have another great year to blog about 
Happy 2016 for all of us bloggers 

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