Saturday, November 14, 2015

Old Wash Bowl

I know the antiques oak wash bowl and wash stands are long gone in style however when I seen this in a resale shop so reasonable priced I thought I can use in other ways than a wash bowl and water pitcher on an oak wash stand like I use to have.

I am going to fill the bowl with my pink and silver shiny brite balls that I don't get on my white tree this year then the pitcher i'll set on my work table in the studio and fill it with do bobs and whatnots

I think I have an ironstone platter in my etsy shop that almost matches these roses
 Of course the roses helped me to get it
 It's a large pitcher also which I like and the pretty handle and her curvey top

These aren't my pink and silver shiny brites of course but these were on the level of house where I am , I go up and down my stairs on the weekends 50 times I bet


You know I work for the University of Missouri In Columbia ? Well let me tell you I had I bet a 1000 calls with people wanting to speak their minds and did I get a head full this week.

I agreed with most people that called in about complaints. It's a sad situation that a huge University has been brought down so low . I know enrollment will drop from the usual 6000 freshman to maybe 300?  just guessing . There has been wrong decisions made here for sure and the future will show it.

Staff is gone that should be here and ones that should have been FIRED immediately are still here , this is my own personal FREE speech opinion 

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  1. Good Evening Diane, Your water pitcher and bowl are lovely together and I especially love the roses on the water pitcher. I know they are not used for water nowadays, but funnily enough, I was talking to my mother Phyllis the other day and she was telling me, how as children, she and her brothers and sisters used to get their water from their well. It was drawn up in a bucket and poured into a pitcher where it was taken indoors and poured into their washing bowls. She said it sounds romantic but she much prefers hot and cold running water.... I know she would love your water pitcher because she loves flowers as well.
    Best Wishes

  2. They are just beautiful. Happy weekend with love Janice

  3. Hi Diane, hpe you're having an great weekend. Wishing you an early happy birthday, in case I miss your day. Had no idea that's were you work. I so agree with you on that issue, it's sad and kinda ridiculous too.
    Loving your pitcher and bowl, just lovely. The roses are gorgeous and I how you're going to use the bowl.
    Sending blessings,

  4. Okay Janice, am I missing something with the new name? lol
    Love your washbowl and pitcher, where did you find it? Upscale resale maybe?
    Talk to you soon!

  5. What you described at the campus regarding employees is just so typical. It is disheartening. I once lived for six months in a cabin in Northern Wisconsin without running water. Yes, it interesting but what a pain in the neck!

  6. Isn't that the way it always works with employees? The good ones go and you get stuck with the turkeys.

  7. Love the wash bowl and pitcher. I'm a sucker for roses! Have a great week. xokathleen

  8. I know the set isn't of practical use anymore, but oh, it's so lovely. Just wonderful holding all of those Christmas ornaments/

  9. I have two if the set's and i love mine!!

  10. Oh yes daphne above said....i watched my grandparents draw up water from the well like that for many years when i was a child. Good memories! Cold water too!!

  11. So pretty!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!