Friday, November 27, 2015

Chandelier Cigar Box

In an earlier post I showed you my wood cigar box shadow box I was working on and only had the paper and bottle brush tree in it.

I worked and worked to come up with an idea to complete it.
I was digging through my chest of drawers of items I could use and this chandelier earring fell out. I thought oh my gosh I'm going to add a chandelier to my shadow box. I thought why not then I had a lone reindeer and added a rhinestone collar to him to match the rhinestone edges of the cigar box. Of course I added a little mica snow flakes to the base. So it's completed



This was the start of this creation LOL All I had in it was paper background and the little bottle brush tree with balls.


I just love it finished if I have to brag on it myself. LOL

 I used the bottom stand of a little bottle brush tree for the wall medallion for the earring chandelier
Bottom picture is where you can see the vintage  wood cigar box, I knew I kept this for a reason I broke the lid off years ago before we ever got to this place of repurposing

I used E600 glue not the Tacky glue bottle sitting on my project table fyi

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with my daughter and  son -in-law their  sweet family,they  have 4 rowdy boys and they wore Grandma out . They worked on projects they brought over and some I had here for them.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

New Red Truck

Have you been out to Target and seen all their Christmas do dads? Well I seen this red truck and thought it was so cute however didn't want to spend another $20 on a Christmas decor item. Got home said yes I'm getting it because  I can jazz it up. Well went back across town to Target and it was GONE.

I was whining to my daughter and she called me back and said I found your red metal truck online at Target and it was on sale and I ordered it for you !!

 It is real cute before this is about 12 inches long and 6 inches wide
Then I had the idea to fill the back in with packages wrapped in plaid paper                                                                    
 Then I had to add a wreath to its front like the big big boy trucks  do around town at Christmas Season

My daughter got her one also so I am wrapping little packages in plaid wrapping paper for her truck also.

This is the table runner my sister made me for my Birthday last week with the little red trucks on the print

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Baby Shoes

Projects finished

I have been having fun using some of my old baby shoes to use for Christmas decorations. I had a couple sweet broken  porcelain Christmas items that I just could throw away so used them in these sweet babby shoes

See the little mouse head and my little pixy both got broken and I just couldn't throw them away 

I have more in the making ,one of the shoes I'm working on I am going to glitter it all up . I found a sweet pair of baby shoes for $1 recently 

The before picture ,the shoe with the blue button use to be a pin cushion till one of my little grandsons thought something was wrong and tore the pin cushion out of the shoe and I had it hot glued in? LOL 

ps I just looked outside my office window here at 6:22 am and its snowing big flakes coming down its sooo pretty

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PINK Saturday 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Happy Birthday to me

I am sorry however I don't have any turkeys to show off for Thanksgiving.

 I know all of us bloggers and retailers have rushed the Christmas decoration season but it's just so pretty and fun to play with our bottle brush trees and other fun Christmas decorations. I have a bowl of pink shiny brite balls out year round.

I bought these adorable little dolls at Joan Fabrics  last week and of course i'm going to jazz them up with glitter and rhinestones
I have been playing in the studio with other things also and still want to make some greeting cards which I really like to do however I think i'm out of card stock paper since can't find any,so far in the mess in my studio.I work better in a mess than when everything is in it's place, I can't see what all I have to play with if it's all put away in a drawer.

I just love this tiny bottle brush tree on an old thread spool. I used duck tape with the poke a dots on it to cover the spool

Yes it's my birthday and I have received some cute cards from friends had to show this kitty cat since it's a pink card, card read from one Glamour Puss to Another LOL 

This is Miss Glamour Puss

ps       It's raining cats and dogs here today 

Do you think they really put rollers in this cats fur? or is this a photo shot picture?
Headed to Jefferson City Mo to have lunch with my daughter and her 4 boys then back home to have dessert with a girlfriend later on this evening 

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Old Wash Bowl

I know the antiques oak wash bowl and wash stands are long gone in style however when I seen this in a resale shop so reasonable priced I thought I can use in other ways than a wash bowl and water pitcher on an oak wash stand like I use to have.

I am going to fill the bowl with my pink and silver shiny brite balls that I don't get on my white tree this year then the pitcher i'll set on my work table in the studio and fill it with do bobs and whatnots

I think I have an ironstone platter in my etsy shop that almost matches these roses
 Of course the roses helped me to get it
 It's a large pitcher also which I like and the pretty handle and her curvey top

These aren't my pink and silver shiny brites of course but these were on the level of house where I am , I go up and down my stairs on the weekends 50 times I bet


You know I work for the University of Missouri In Columbia ? Well let me tell you I had I bet a 1000 calls with people wanting to speak their minds and did I get a head full this week.

I agreed with most people that called in about complaints. It's a sad situation that a huge University has been brought down so low . I know enrollment will drop from the usual 6000 freshman to maybe 300?  just guessing . There has been wrong decisions made here for sure and the future will show it.

Staff is gone that should be here and ones that should have been FIRED immediately are still here , this is my own personal FREE speech opinion 

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Idea

I picked up this chair at Goodwill for $3 and knew it would be a cheap thrill for me to paint it white and try to cover the seat with some fabric I already have.
I just got rid of 2-3 chairs. I like chairs and always dragging home a stray one.But a girl needs a project . It's not like I don't have anything else to do around here on my days off.

 I don't have this material fasten to the seat I just laid it on the seat to see how it looks I have some toile material I may use.
 My favorite material for this chair would be the huge red and white check. Which I can't find only online . I always wanted to cover a wingback chair in the huge red and white check upholstery material , however sold that chair also.

Here is what the chair started out as.Just a lone dining room chair.

Ps another thing someone tell me how to copy an old picture onto fabric, I got Photo Fabric at Joan's but guess I got to small size 4x6 it won't feed through my printer? 

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Projects in The Making

 I am still playing in the studio with my Christmas projects. I made a couple cute things about a month ago for Christmas and will show them later this month, Like I said before I play with my Christmas year long as I'm sure several of you do also? right and we always look for vintage Christmas items at yard sales etc?

I had one bronzed  baby shoe so had to stick a bottle brush tree in it and use it someway.
Then I'm working on the old wood cigar box for a shadow box look with a bottle brush tree. I have started with an old green wood thread spool and a cute tree. I cut some wrapping paper for it's background. Somehow I want to work some white mother of pearl buttons in it

Sorry I don't have any turkeys to play with for Thanksgiving display

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