Sunday, June 7, 2015


I am really still alive and very well. I have just been distracted getting ready for another trip for this fall. Which I can talk about later
I have been working in my big flower bed and really need to go get a couple more bedding annuals to fill in spaces

I have been back to New York City which I love that city. My friend Terry who I stay with has several friends and one friend named Pat is a member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and she got us a guide for a private tour and oh my gosh. You just can't take it all in a quick tour. There was lots I didn't even get to see. There was 5 of us ladies on that particular day trip then we all went to a Turkish restaurant close to the museum well close for New York City about 5 walking blocks LOL
Pat loves painting and collects very expensive painting she even has a Van Gogh !
We stayed in the rooms with Van Gogh and Monet painting for the longest time admiring them all.


I am Still cleaning out and rearranging my house. I was in the studio getting the spider webs out from under tables and decided to take my dried hydrangeas outside  to get a picture of them.
I seen where a few listings on etsy for these maybe I'll list my dried hydrangeas? 
These are from last fall, my bushes are full since we have had sooo much rain this spring and this last week.

 Well I must go and get ready for 11:30 mass it's Corpus Christi Sunday 


  1. Your NYC trip sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. How wonderful...a private tour of the Met.!!! LOL...If you walked 5 blocks in my town you'd almost be at the other end!

  3. What a treat to get a private tour. I would adore that!!

  4. Swanky!!!! What fun, you are really living life. Love it, I'm thrilled for you!
    Big hugs, enjoy, but don't stay gone too long, we miss you!

  5. JANICE, I'VE BEEN MISSING YOU! So glad to hear that you had a nice time in New York and glad you made it there and back safely! A friend and I went to the Vaile Mansion this past Saturday in Independence for their Strawberry Festival and I was telling her all about our visit and lucheon at Richard's house and about all the laughs and fun we had! We need to plan a trip to Ravenswood soon!

  6. I want to go too, so sad we do not live closer. Good to see you post, miss you on facebook. Richard and Buddy Boy

  7. Oh Janice....we are truly kindrid spirits! Hydrangeas make us swoon...and we too love a greenhouse...and also come home with more than we can plant! Envious of your private tour of the Met....oh to just take the time to sit and just stare at the old masters....would be a relaxing day to us :) Thanks for stopping by today!!! Good to chat with you ~ you always brighten our day!!
    Karla & Karrie