Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sale Day

Well I wanted to let you all know that the Indoor Garage Sale at our local convention center went very well. There was more people this year than in the last 4 years I have set up at this sale.
For 3 1/2 hours you couldn't walk without stepping into someone or something. The sale is only 4 hours long.
I sold lots gave lots away and threw lots away LOL. I am serious about rearranging and decluttering my house. Of course I have enough for next years sale  also. LOL I just couldn't get it all out this year. I took 3 cars loads front seat back seat trunk and brought back one car load . I think soon as I can get my house back in order I'll have an invitation only sale in my house.


I had to set down a few minutes in between taking boxes back to the studio to unpack them and  tuck things out of the way in my storage room . This is a plate rack that I am going to stack old books in it instead of plates. I love these old books with the marbleized looking covers. My friends from Germany have brought me all of the books in the picture.
I have one plate on this wall in my office of the old pheasant this book rack will cover him up for a while anyway

 I have things hanging on my red office wall that I love just a mix matchof gorgeous old chipping items like this old gold frame. I hung this on my wall back before chippy items were in style                                                      
Then of course my old wall sconce's. I have showed these before in a post of my gallery wall a couple years ago but I just love looking at them hanging there all so pretty


I have another pair of  beautiful crystal wall sconce's I need to get up on this wall. I seen a pair just like them on an etsy shop for hundreds of dollars. Mine came out of an old house in Portland Oregon that my son was remodeling. he threw away the chandelier that matched. I about died LOL

Now this is a quick walk across top of my desk then I have to get back to gets boxes out of my living room to the storage room.

These are old family pictures the picture on the far left is me at my grandparents out by the old barn holding one of my kittens in my bib overalls. The group picture with the flash showing so awful is my grandparents me my sister and brother. I remember the evening this was taken back in the about 1955

Happy Valentine's Day hope you get lots of chocolate candy in a beautiful large Velvet Heart shaped box


linky parties i'm joining in this Valentine's week


  1. Glad to hear your sale went well, Janice...LOVE your beautiful tole sconces!

  2. Great to hear that the sale went so well!

  3. Hi Janice,
    I'm glad the sale went good for you and that a lot of people showed up for it. I didn't buy the etegere at the sale, it had too many problems. There will always be another one, right?
    Have a great week,

  4. My brother used to tease me when I bought glassware; it would always seem to have a chip in it! I don't think that is the chippy look anyone is after! I don't have much in the way of antiques, so I have given up on yard sales. I didn't even know that one thing was a plate rack...but a rather clever idea for books!

  5. I love those sconces, too! Too bad about the chandelier. Glad you got rid of so much at the sale. I need to do some decluttering, too!

  6. oh!!! I am crying with you about the chandelier your son threw away lol!! oh gosh...if we could only go bakc ~ but then you'd be selling it at a garage sale! isn't it funny how we collect to sell later? we were just talking about that :) lets us get more new old stuff doesn't it?!! Hope you have fun with that new "book" the idea ~ bet it will turn out nice (love that pheasant plate too!)
    Have a great week :)
    Karla & Karrie

  7. Good to hear that your sale was a huge success, sounds like my kind of place to shop. Your sconce is gorgeous and looks so grand displayed inside the frame. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party

  8. So glad you sold lots, how could you not, you have so many amazing treasure, like those gorgeous sconces! WOW! I'm waiting for that silver dome I spy, what a beauty!

  9. It's such a good feeling to clean out and declutter, especially when much of it sells to someone else! :-) Your sconces are beautiful.
    Mary Alice

  10. A 4 hour sale...Goodness...That is not long enough! I think a home sale sounds a lot more relaxed and a great idea!


  11. Glad the sale went good! Four hours is not very long that's for sure. I know that if I lived close I would love to come to a home sale!

  12. Bravo to you for all that packing in and packing out. I have been considering doing a show since the booth space is so elusive but haven't screwed up my ambition to commit yet.

  13. Oh my I love that gorgeous chippy frame and those wall sconces! I sure wish I lived close because I'd be the first one at your sale!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I know the feeling about making plans to accomplish things and then just crashing in front of the tv.....I'm guilty.
    Keep up the good work.


  14. Great job at the sale ~ less came home than went!!! Love that idea of using the plate rack for books, very cool. Best~ Mickie.

  15. Your wall sconces are gorgeous and the frame, too!

  16. Hearting the Iris Pitcher---it's a squattier version of the tall one atop the cabinet upstairs in Caro's kitchen. It was the "tea pitcher" we had iced tea out of every day of my growing-up, and how in the BLUE HECK we managed to pour boiling water over the Lipton's leaves in a little pan, steep for only five minutes, and then pour the still-steaming brew over ice cubes and water in that pitcher---I cannot tell you. I'm so accustomed to "acclimating" a pitcher or punchbowl with gradual adding of ice or water, I'd expect this old girl to have cracked with a sound like a pilstol-shot (exact sound made by my best and favorite punchbowl, when I'd lent it out for a shower at the church).

    Anyway, it's lovely to see her beautiful younger sister displayed at your house!