Friday, February 27, 2015

Update on Pure Lard

 My local  friend Gina wanted to know where I placed my new Pure Lard slab and what  I put on it so here is a few new pictures after I moved it around the kitchen.
Oh Janice,
I thought you were going to show us what you decided to put on the lard slab! Put that bucket on it, cute!!
Have a great day!
First I moved it over across from my kitchen table on an old dresser I painted yellow which has a black marble top. I thought that would bring out the black on the slab etc. I also have a large mirror propped up on the back of the dresser.


I added a few different items on it like the black and white toile pattern coffee cup and put some of my silver and mother of pearl spoons in it.

 I am looking for a pretty pig to set on the lard slab LOL . I will set my bucket  full of Roses ,from my previous post, on it sometimes

 I love my old mother of pearl handle knives , I always thought I had found gold when I would find one I could afford. They use to be outrageously expensive for a frugal girl to buy.
I am sure I will be changing this up often. I am going to repaint this dresser soon as I can decide which color i'll be painting it next, probably a chalk white

Below is what I had it it before the rearrange.I took these picture at night and my little sony camera doesn't have a big flash so pictures are somewhat dark 

Yes I still had Christmas candy in the tall glass jar LOL 

It''s suppose to snow all weekend here so i'm cooking Chicken Enchilada's and maybe painting the inside of my dish cabinet

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I found a bucket in the studio bathroom I forgot I had. My daughter got it for me once when she was visiting. She said Mom I seen this and it looked like you, so got it for you.


I had these dried roses so put stuck them in the bucket to add on my counter with my new
Pure Lard slab


       This is an old dish cabinet I have in my kitchen and I am wanting to paint the inside a bright  color and then declutter some of the items out of it.                              


I am really going to try to take a walk today since it is going to be up to 30

Have a great day you all

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pure Lard

For over 2 years I have wanted to collect the large Cheese slab and the Butter slabs that are featured for sale under Joan Hudson on the internet. I always resisted because of trying to down size .
Then I read as I always do read Nancy's Daily Dish blog where she sells the most beautiful transferware anywhere. I just love seeing her house how she uses all her dishes for decorations.
 Her post on these beautiful dairy slabs is wonderful.  Her Fromages slab is over the top gorgeous and not found very often, I seen where one sold on an antique auction for $2000 !!!!.however mine was not even close to that, also that was an antique one not a reproduction like mine.


I have lots choices of things to pile on top of my Pure Lard slab for eye candy just can't decide which one I will start out using. I have been wanting to add a few black and white kitchen items in my blue and white kitchen.
I used a few things in the kitchen to stack on top of my Pure Lard slab to see which one looks ,well like what I would use. Love my big ole  staffordshire Cow
used my batter bowl today making brownies
I sold over 60 pieces of jadite to a antique dealer but just had to keep my nesting bowls

wish the Salt and Pepper had black writing , I use to use them with all my jadite dishes 

Which arrangement do you like best of these ? 

When I had my kitchen updated a few years ago I just had to have the fluer de lis blue and white tile around my counter area in my kitchen I still love it .
I stayed home all day yesterday since we got about 8 inches of snow they even closed the University of  Missouri yesterday. I was told because the street crews had not been out clearing the roads all night like they usually do. A neighbor lady  who works at the University Hospital said she went in very early and her little car plowed through the deep snow since it was a powdery type snow.
I stayed home made orange brownies shoveled out my drive took a nap and played with fun stuff in the studio. It was a good day.

Wish I had a staffordshire pig to set on my Pure Lard slab

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sale Day

Well I wanted to let you all know that the Indoor Garage Sale at our local convention center went very well. There was more people this year than in the last 4 years I have set up at this sale.
For 3 1/2 hours you couldn't walk without stepping into someone or something. The sale is only 4 hours long.
I sold lots gave lots away and threw lots away LOL. I am serious about rearranging and decluttering my house. Of course I have enough for next years sale  also. LOL I just couldn't get it all out this year. I took 3 cars loads front seat back seat trunk and brought back one car load . I think soon as I can get my house back in order I'll have an invitation only sale in my house.


I had to set down a few minutes in between taking boxes back to the studio to unpack them and  tuck things out of the way in my storage room . This is a plate rack that I am going to stack old books in it instead of plates. I love these old books with the marbleized looking covers. My friends from Germany have brought me all of the books in the picture.
I have one plate on this wall in my office of the old pheasant this book rack will cover him up for a while anyway

 I have things hanging on my red office wall that I love just a mix matchof gorgeous old chipping items like this old gold frame. I hung this on my wall back before chippy items were in style                                                      
Then of course my old wall sconce's. I have showed these before in a post of my gallery wall a couple years ago but I just love looking at them hanging there all so pretty


I have another pair of  beautiful crystal wall sconce's I need to get up on this wall. I seen a pair just like them on an etsy shop for hundreds of dollars. Mine came out of an old house in Portland Oregon that my son was remodeling. he threw away the chandelier that matched. I about died LOL

Now this is a quick walk across top of my desk then I have to get back to gets boxes out of my living room to the storage room.

These are old family pictures the picture on the far left is me at my grandparents out by the old barn holding one of my kittens in my bib overalls. The group picture with the flash showing so awful is my grandparents me my sister and brother. I remember the evening this was taken back in the about 1955

Happy Valentine's Day hope you get lots of chocolate candy in a beautiful large Velvet Heart shaped box


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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine Week

Can you believe how fast we are going right into 2015? I can't believe it's Valentine's week already .
I have been playing in the studio with Valentine cards I have made in years past. Some of them went into the shredder yesterday. Some just weren't worthy to keep however I had kept them 5 years or more.
I was going to call in sick today from work and stay home and made new cards and just play in the studio then I thought about a trip I'm trying to save money for so got ready and went into work like a good girl. LOL ( or good senior lady)

This is one of my all time favorite cards I made once.
I had bought the big B to make my sister Becky a card but this what I came up with for the big B .

This is hanging from a make do chandelier over my work table, I have chains and all kinds of items I like to look at while working in the studio, It's a total wreck now because I am packing up items to sell at the Indoor Garage Sale this Sunday at The the Holiday Inn convention center Feb 8th 1 -4 Pm.
I would like to take a lot of paper items I have for card making but you just never know what people will buy. Last year I thought I took a bunch of my vintage odds and ends and  junk and it sold like hot cakes LOL  

This is my little romantic gal with her jeweled crown on  I Like this card a lot also, she was safe from the shredder . 

I had to play with the old vintage Bingo cards also, this avoided the shredder also. I always like making cards from vintage papers and items and I was invited to join in a card group,then realized they only wanted cards made with Tim Holtz design in their click so I was not ask back Boo Hoo not for me for those gals LOL I love Tim Holtz items but they are very expensive to collect
The little paper dolls was in a magazine I use to collect and loved it and not being published anymore, what was the name of that magazine ? she always had a set of paper dolls in each issue, was it Home Companion ? 

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Well I better get to work and make some mad money to spend foolishly