Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just Chatter

I have got to get busy and get things done like mop and dust and get a new post up. However I have just rested all last weekend laid around in my pajamas and enjoys my quite TV marathon.It was Gary Grant old movies on Turner Classic Movies, he was such a hunk of a good looking man, Oh My

Anyway just a quick Hi and then I really need to take some new pictures and so a interesting post. After I get my book cases dusted


I dug this old practice making colleges picture out to show , I know nothing special but it was fun doing it LOL 
Also how do you like this sub zero weather we are having? I bought a heater for the bird bath for my birds and squirrels you put it in your bird bath to keep the water from freezing. It's a small round disk and glad I had an electrical outlet on my patio for it. yesterday I seen lots birds and my squirrels drinking water out of it. A neighbor told me birds need lots water in the winter as much as bird feed .

Also  a friend of mine lost his little Sissy dog and is very sad needless to say so go over to his blog and say Hi 

stay warm 

Linky parties I joined in 


  1. Hi Janice, It's always nice to see and hear what you have been up to. I'm sure the birds and squirrels are loving the new "spa" in this freezing weather! You're so nice to remember Richard in this post.
    Have a good day,

  2. Great collage. I love the colors and I love that you put a painting in it!

  3. Did you know you did win something? Lucky YOU. Congratulations.

  4. Beauty and inspiration ....

    Congrats my dear for your beautiful soulful win over at Rhonda's place Little bit French!

    Such a beautiful spirit Rhonda has and her art work is divine.