Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Farm House Canisters

Hi Everybody
I am enjoying being home today and it was in the 50's I even raked a few leaves left on the ground from fall just so I could be outside.
Before I went outside I dug out this box of canisters from my storage room.
I use to use them in my country kitchen back in the 1980's when everything was country in my kitchen also I had lots of blue and white graniteware and sponge ware dishes and pans.


I still have a few of the little spice jars that match the larger canisters

I have lids for most of them however the lids are chipped up and cracked in places and they were this way when I purchased them. I still used them in my kitchen for years.

I called my friend on Long Island today to see if they still had electricity etc because of the huge snow storm. She said they got 27 inches of snow and everything was good for them since they were planning on staying in. She said a neighbor was digging his car out and didn't know why because no way could you get out of their neighborhood up the hill to go anywhere no road trucks was out .It sure was a windy snow storm she said.

Here is the canisters with their chipped up lids on them

Wouldn't you hate to be stranded in New York airport during this storm?
Well I have had a good day home and think I'll get my pajama's  on and watch some TV and rest. Have to go into work tomorrow.
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  1. Pretty blue and white canisters with the sweet little spice jars too. Sounds like you also had a warmer day. We hit 80 degrees here in Texas and it feels like spring but I know we are still in for a few cold days before winter is over.
    Praying for all those on the east coast to be safe.
    Have a great day.

  2. What cheery blue-and-white, and what a lovely restful day you had, even without being literally snowed in! Something about a watching a snowfall, no matter how---out the window or on TV, and no matter how fierce or gentle, makes us want to cozy in, even if we're vicariously experiencing one a thousand miles away.

    We NEED that hibernation time sometimes, I think, to recharge our "betteries" and start afresh.

    Hope you enjoyed every minute of it!


  3. I have never seen a canister for barley before. It is a sweet set. Happy to hear your friends are okay. My kids in PA just got the edge of the storm.

  4. What an amazing set! I adore the blue.

    Have a beautiful day!

  5. It's a pretty day here too and I would go outside if I could but I am enjoying having some of the windows open and smelling the fresh air. I like the canisters and I can imagine your kitchen in the 80's because I had the country look going on around then too. You know, the canisters would look cute with spices growing in them and sitting on a windowsill. Take care, Gigi

  6. I am glad I ma not stranded in the snow! love the blue and even the chips.

  7. I've always liked these sets with the checkerboard pattern. They seem so French to me, so 1930s. Utilitarian in their day with their crisp and sanitary pattern, they will never go out of style because they are classics.

  8. Those are absolutley adorable!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! My husband's Aunt and Uncle live near Long Island...lucky for them they skipped town two days before for a THAT was perfect timing!!
    We're with you....something cozy and warm...and a little tele :)

  9. These are so great! I noticed that they are in your etsy shop so you have decided to part with them? I need to do more of that. I certainly remember the "country" look of the 1980's...some of those same items are coming back around again but have the label "farmhouse" this time around...minus the light blue and mauve!

  10. These are just fab - very French looking to me. They look to be in pretty good shape. It was so nice today, I wanted to ride my scooter, but I left it in the winter garage too long and the battery needs charging. Darn. It was so pretty today. Stay warm - supposed to get snow on Sunday!!

  11. How Lovely! Love if you stop by My Fabulous Friday Party and Share your beautiful treasures. thanks Maria

  12. You have some pretty things! I love the pink!

  13. Thanks for sharing those farm house canisters at my last party, hope you can share another vintage find, I love the Louis Vuittone suitcase, do you have any old maps?
    Stop by Fabulous Friday and share another treasure. Maria