Thursday, December 18, 2014

White Christmas

Just a few more Christmas pretties I have from years past.
I have shown this Angel made out of vintage Hymnal book before. My sisters gave it to me one year for my birthday in November and I have always loved it

My snow angel baby 

Love this large paper star, I bought several one year and had them all on a tree last year
This was my tall tree last year , I had white tea cups, paper stars, snow babies, and old vintage fringe, white ribbons, and white tulle and all white balls and silver balls on the tree.

I bought several of these dolls all dressed in winter white and had them all on this same tree 

I finally got my white tree up for this year and it's just not as pretty as my past green trees so I', buying another green tree for next year and parting my white tree.

ps it's snowing here this morning also, so it is a white Christmas at my house. Did I tell you I love snow
Also OMGosh I mailed a special friend a special made card this morning and dropped in the mail box before I realized I forgot to put postage on it !!!!!!!!! I called the post office and they said it has left the building LOL and they will ask my friend to pay postage !!!!!!!! Sorry friend . have you ever done this ? 

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  1. I love your angel made with hymal papers too! Yes, I have "mailed" something without a stamp, but it usually comes back to me for postage.

  2. Oh such pretty decorations. Love your tree with cups on.

  3. Great tree and especially love the star!

  4. Your snow baby is so precious. Yes, I have mailed something without postage to have it come back.

  5. A little white Christmas sounds like comfort and joy!

  6. You have some gorgeous christmas decorations, I especially like the angel given to you by your sisters.

  7. Such pretty white christmas decorations. I love the hymnal angel and the music page stars.... so festive.

  8. Your tree looks so pretty, and I love that your book angel is holding a hymnbook. That snow baby is adorable.

  9. I like white on my Christmas tree but not on our lawn...don't want snow except Mr. Sweet says we need at least 2 good ones so we won't dry up and blow away come spring. :)
    Merry Christmas

  10. Love all the white and sparkle and gold! :-)

    Oh poor you! In your rush, you mailed without postage. But everyone has done either that, or something similar. :-) She will get a giggle out of it.

    Happy Eve of Yule,
    'Miss' Tessa~