Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Velvet Frame

I have had a good week playing with my boxes of Christmas decorations and trying to decide what to drag out this year. I still don't have my tree up. I have a white flocked tree and I want a green tree this year but just don't want to spend the money for another tree. So I am going to make myself get this white tree out of it's box today! I gave away my 2 large green trees last year because they were just to heavy for me to handle by myself.That's why I'm down to small trees,oh I forgot I have 2 silver trees I could use, no I'll stick to the white tree.

 This last Saturday I went to Boonville Missouri with Gina from  Victorian Wanna Be to tour the DAR house and it was beautiful no doubt about it.Gina is going to do a post about all the Christmas trees in the Daughters of Revolutionary War House on her blog.
While we were shopping the antique malls I seen this old velvet frame of a very old little Granny and just couldn't pass her up,why I don't know ,well one reason there wasn't very many antique things in this mall and she looked so antique victorian to me after being in the old DAR house. So I brought her home to join my other Victorian family of children I have.

This is a long shot of the little children pictures I have a baby young lady and 2 little boys , I have shown them before in past posts

I forgot I had this wedding couple setting there also 

This is my little soft feather tree I have all my antique ornaments on and the old little tiny stockings 

I have all of these setting in my kitchen on my buffet which is an old dresser I painted yellow years ago and still want to paint it blue.(really I want it out of the house and want a different one )

Linky parties I am joining in 


  1. I enjoy old black and white photos such as these. They evoke so much more feeling than a lot of photos today.

  2. Your frame cushion is so beautiful. I know what you mean about a large tree, yours is so vintage and just beautiful.
    Merry Christmas,

  3. Love that frame and I would have grabbed it, too. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't have a tree up. I'm not even sure I've got it in me this year....

  4. Oh Janice, Now that I see how pretty it looks in your home, I'm thinking I should have fought you for it! Just kidding! :) Thanks for mentioning my blog. I'm hoping to get that post done today. Busy, busy!
    Talk to you soon,

  5. What a great frame--velvet is one of my favorite fabrics! I would love to have you share it at our Creating Christmas link party! Blessings, Cecilia

  6. I would have purchased that picture too...I think she will look especially great during the holidays! I'm not putting up a tree at all this year as I am not hosting Christmas...Yea for not hosting Christmas lol I put lights on my dress form and put her next to the fireplace...Not quite a tree lol!


  7. Did you look closely at the woman's dress to see how stylish it was? Oh my gosh, it even has bows on the sleeves and ruffles every where. I'm not sure that is a granny!

  8. Your red frame is lovely and the perfect addition to your collection. Love your feather tree decorated with all the ornaments...charming!
    Mary Alice

  9. Hi my Friend, thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit and getting thru the whole epic post. *winks* You would have painted the 100+ year old Patina of the Printer's Cabinet before Sundown!!! *Gasp... insert me holding my Heart... LOL* Actually I have re-painted a lot of things that went beyond great Patina and I considered Hopeless causes for a Restoration so I'm not completely opposed and if done well a repainted piece can certainly be brought back to Life in a Makeover Resurrection. But NOT that piece. *Smiles* It was filthy tho' so I spent a whole day cleaning and then oiling the Old Wood... afterwards I WAS filthy! *smiles* I Love your Red Velvet Frame and like you we had to downsize our Tree at this Season of Life. Actually we now keep our Champagne Metallic Pencil Tree stuffed into an Antique Olive Bucket up all year long and decorate it for the different seasons and The Man and Kiddos love that idea and it's much easier on Moi that set ups and take downs. Merry Christmas from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Wonderful treasures and memories.

  11. Oh you are so lucky! I didn't know you knew Gina, I think she is amazing! The two of you had to of had a great time. Love the sweet red frame. My friend Debbie buys lots of the cabinet photos, her instant relatives she calls them, LOL!!!
    Shhh, I haven't finished decorating either.