Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July which is really hard to believe that it is here already. I know it's a great family picnic and shoot off fireworks day.
I think I will rest a little today deliver a few things to a gal who bought items at my last sale . Then start deciding  what to take with me on my trip to New York City. I will be staying on Long Island . That trip is coming up . It is so hard to pack enough clothes for different events I think. I know when I fly out to Portland Oregon I take a carry on and make due for 5-6 days. However will be gone a little longer on this next trip and need a couple dressy outfits for different occasions we will be attending. So anyway will take 2 suitcases on this trip
How do you pack for a trip that you need lots different clothing? I need advice girls

Have a good day and be safe and eat a lot of good food it's the fourth and don't burn your fingers on fireworks LOL


These are Avon plates I have that have been out of the boxes 3 times in their life LOL for sale of course $5 each 

Avon has made some pretty and beautiful items . One thing I would like to find is the Elizabeth Taylor jewelry. It sold for big money back then when she was selling with Avon which I was floored when it was announced Elizabeth Taylor and Avon joining together. 
, changing the subject OMGosh I watched Heidi Daus last night on HSN and I wanted that HUGE elephant necklace SO bad !! it was $399.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It sold out !!!! also 
However I wasn't one of the ones ordering it , Have you ever watched her ? Her jewelry is out of this world fabulous 

Anyway have fun today 

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  1. Love the plates. Hope you have a fun safe trip. xoxo,Susie

  2. Happy 4th of July to you and wishing you a fun and safe trip.
    When I need to pack a lot I usually roll things instead of folding them because it seems like more fits in the space that way. Stuff small things like socks inside of the shoes.

  3. Happy Fourth Janice! Have a wonderful trip to NY, how exciting! I do not travel much so I have no advice for you, sorry...

  4. Happy 4th and have a great trip!