Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bedroom Chandelier

I have 4 chandelier upstairs in my house both bedrooms my office and dining room. Then downstairs well its an entire fun room of vintage treasures all messed up LOL. I really am trying to get organized. Oh well I wanted to show a couple fairy dolls I have hanging in my guest bedroom .


I found these one time at an antique home decor shop and loved them. The swan is white velvet and goes with what I call Marie Antoinette doll. I wanted to see them often so just hung them on this chandelier

Then I already had this pretty fairy doll to hang with them

Talking about the weather it was 7 degrees here this morning however the sun is out and you think it's warmer.
I went out shopping to our newest health food all organic grocery store this morning. I was coming home to dust which really needs to get done here.So far I haven't gotten started I will soon as I eat some fresh scallops I bought and roasting an eggplant for my lunch. I really am trying to eat something besides cookies cakes and brownies LOL which  I would rather have , however my middle is looking like a swim inner tube under my sweaters LOL

OK better get off to dusting just wanted to say Hi 

Blogger is acting CRAZY again I cam't leave comments on some blogs possibly same on my site also

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  1. Hi Janice,
    Your chandy looks cute with those dolls and swan hanging from it. Especially the swan, pretty! Are you talking about Lucky's?
    Have fun dusting!

  2. Simply charming, with a little dash of daring, which only adds to the allure. The colors and velvets and beautiful shapes are wonderful against the light. And would that we ALL could wear chapeaux with such elan as Mlle. Swann.

    Good luck on dusting---my dust elephants have completely chased the bunnies out of the house.

    I always look forward to your lovely arrangements of beautiful things.


  3. The glass chancy is beautiful. I love the non electrified ones.

  4. That velvet swan is beautiful!
    I call my inner tube a bed pillow - lol

  5. I do love the colorful attributes you have placed on the chandelier!

  6. Enchanting pieces and fabulous that you have them out where you can enjoy them everyday. Good on you for eating healthier. I am with you on the preferred foods however my Weight Watcher program allows it moderation! Creative Bliss...

  7. How great that you hang the things you love where you can see and enjoy them everyday, I love all three of them!


  8. The swan is beautiful! You have some many beautiful things Janice!

  9. I would love to have one decorated as beautiful as you did yours. Very nice! Take care, Darlene

  10. I love your sweet little fairies and that swan is exquisite! It's so nice to surround ourselves with beauty and things we love. Enjoy your weekend my friend!

  11. That is so magical! I love it!



  12. Very whimsical! Lucky your to have so many chandy's! Thanks for sharing this at What We Accomplished Wednesdays! Have a super week!


  13. Your swan is a beauty and I like the fairy too. Is one of her hands twisted to face the wrong way? If so, please fix it, so she will be happy. I hope the comment thing is fixed.

  14. How fun to have a chandelier like that! Yep, some guys like chandeliers, too. Now that our four kids are grown up and married, maybe we could afford to actually get one. :-)