Thursday, January 30, 2014


I am going through some old pictures I have collected from auctions years pass. It is amazing how you find precious family pictures in boxes at auctions to be discarded . I know a lot of today's families are not sentimental like me. I want anything that belonged to my Grandparents or Mom. I know one of my sisters has wonderful family pictures of back in the early 1900's and they look like these sweet children


I wonder what her name is ?Oh it's Glies Addison just found it in pencil on back of her picture. Do you remember the picture I have of Mildred Addison?that i put in the purse frame I guess I got them at same auction or estate sale.


Look at these adorable little boys and the one with his thumb in his pocket and their matching plaid ties.I like their sweet smiles also.

 Another thing seems like these tones are all everywhere on blogs decorating with these colors or no color.
You may not be the age to check out but guess I am since I do LOL
Oh on the back of the little boys pictures it names Guy & Ralph . I have seen pictures like this on family pages on I am a real sentimental person are you?

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Little Heart

This sweet little heart shaped bottle was among my perfume bottles. After I found it at an estate sale then I started seeing more just like it at different shops. It's almost 2 inches long . I think i'll put some pink glitter in it .

Then I always like getting my little Longaberger Valentine basket out to display, it is from 12 years ago. I think a co worker gave me this in 2002. It's adorable as when she first gave it to me. Was you caught up in the Longaberger phase?


It has a sweet little liner with a snap closing . I should store something in it? It's 4 x 3 1/2 inches


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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bedroom Chandelier

I have 4 chandelier upstairs in my house both bedrooms my office and dining room. Then downstairs well its an entire fun room of vintage treasures all messed up LOL. I really am trying to get organized. Oh well I wanted to show a couple fairy dolls I have hanging in my guest bedroom .


I found these one time at an antique home decor shop and loved them. The swan is white velvet and goes with what I call Marie Antoinette doll. I wanted to see them often so just hung them on this chandelier

Then I already had this pretty fairy doll to hang with them

Talking about the weather it was 7 degrees here this morning however the sun is out and you think it's warmer.
I went out shopping to our newest health food all organic grocery store this morning. I was coming home to dust which really needs to get done here.So far I haven't gotten started I will soon as I eat some fresh scallops I bought and roasting an eggplant for my lunch. I really am trying to eat something besides cookies cakes and brownies LOL which  I would rather have , however my middle is looking like a swim inner tube under my sweaters LOL

OK better get off to dusting just wanted to say Hi 

Blogger is acting CRAZY again I cam't leave comments on some blogs possibly same on my site also

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's Time

It's time I got a new post up and I have been so busy with other good things I haven't taken the time to get it done.
This is my little clock that I love. I have had it so long I have forgotten where I bought it. I usually remember where I found everything and what I paid for it. This couldn't be age creeping up on me is it ? LOL

 It still works and I have it in my kitchen on top of a little cabinet full of my baby cups and baby spoons
Most young ladies today ages 38 down don't know what a wind up clock is. You had to be a child of the 1960's back to know I think. We'll see if I get any comments from youngins LOL

I think she still has a pretty little face.
I have cookies in the oven so can't stay long writing about this clock just wanted to touch base with everyone.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Little White Cabinet

I just love this little white cabinet or a desk you could say. When I bought it was a pine cabinet and I had to dress her up to go in my all white studio. Speaking of studio I have not had much time to play in the studio and going to make time for it this weekend. We still have snow and ice. Rain on the way


I took this little cabinet to the flea market twice and once to an indoor sale and not one person ask about it and I know I have had it in 2 yard sales of mine.. I think it's adorable don't you? really ?  I think I put $20 on it thinking I would gladly pay that for such a cute cubby hole cabinet.

Of course I took these pictures outside last summer and hadn't used them and I need to get some Pink posted to play at Pink Saturday LOL. I dressed up this old photo of the little girl 

I ordered this red & white ribbon to use on card making and I am so wanting to make some cards for Valentine this weekend.
In years pass I made lots of valentines cards and love doing it.

 Love my lace pillow case also guess I am making over my pretties LOL

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cage Santos

I was real good during Christmas shopping not to buy myself any more Christmas decor, then one day I went to Dillard's just to walk around and see what was left in the home decor section. Really I had cabin fever and needed to get away from the house so I would quit eating cookies etc LOL
I seen her setting there and for hardly nothing in price compared to other Santos I have priced. So all I could do was bring her home. Wouldn't you for under $20?


She is 25 inches tall and I can see white paint coming her way though I sort of like this brown chippy metal that she is. Would you paint her ? 

It is so cold here today down to zero tonight with wind chills negative in the single digits. When I went to work this morning the streets wasn't cleared off from our snow last night and early this morning. However my neighbor with his new snow blower cleaned off my drive way for me LOL Bless his heart

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