Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wedding in Jamaica

Yo Mom we are back from Jamaica and No Problem was our entire trip.

In Jamaica everyone is Yo Mon male & female and they like being greeting and saying good bye with Yo Mon. Also everything in Jamaica is No Problem what ever may arise . It was a wonderful trip and the wedding was special also they had a very good minister to preform the wedding on the beach. This is my niece walking down to the beach arch where she and Robert were to be married ,walking to the traditional wedding march song .
I absolutely loved her cocktail length dress with the sweetheart bodice  with the bodice covered in tiny pearls ,they did her hair at the resort and it was beautiful.


The couple getting married

One of the kisses with their Jamaican wedding certificate 

          This is how they had the quest chairs set up for us ,there was 15 of us flew down for this special wedding , guess all weddings are special though? right      

This is the happy couple with their sisters, Robert has a sister Liz from Brooklyn New York 
and Jessicas sisters are from Kansas City and Denver Colorado, the sister on the far right is getting married in September this year in Kansas City Missouri ,she is the Denver sister

               The bride with her Mother and sisters, of course the photographer they hired to do their wedding pictures had their attention, I was just snapping photos

The Riu Tropical Bay resort we stayed at was wonderful in Negril Jamaica . This is the dinning room we ate at most evenings however we did try the Italian and the Japanese restaurants on the premise, this was an all inclusive resort you just had to make dinner reservations in the evening.
I loved dressing up in the evenings for dinner, People from all over the world was there, I talked with gals from Argentina, and Russia, Italy,South Africa, America, England, Brazil  other people who I can't spell the country LOL

  This is me and one of my nephews Jeff  at the rehearsal dinner  , he is married to the Brides sister                                                                     

Mother of bride, mother of groom at rehearsal dinner 

Happy Quests

This is Robb's Mother in front,from New Jersey, Aunt Terry left from Long Island New York, Sister Liz and husband from Brooklyn New York and Liz's husband Gladiator is from Brazil that is where they met 

 Drinks before the wedding with my sister who lives in Missouri also 

I took a shopping tour with Terry she loves to shop also so we went to the duty free jewelry stores down the coast from Negril we stooped at the huts before the mall , which was interesting ,everything they had to sell to the tourist comes from where else but China !!!!!! Our guide was very nice staying with us and explaining  about the shopping 

You can see the huts in the back ground, our guide was  Nicola 

My sister Liz  and I early one morning left the resort and walked the beach and shopped some huts ,

I bought a Jamaican towel of course 
It was a great trip and I have 100's more pictures
I went to see the famous sun set  divers at Ricks cafe this has been on the travel channel I have seen it 

This is one of the beautiful fountains in one of the two pools over looking the Caribbean ocean

It was stormy that day and the divers only dives at sun set but because there was so may people there he took a tip donation and if he got enough money he would dive, so he did , there was so many people I got what pictures I could 

This was about 130 feet above the water OMG !!!!

This is me way in the back with a bright  pink top on doing daily water aerobics LOL

now in closing LOL 

My sister Liz and me our last morning eating out on the veranda looking out over the caribbean ocean 

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  2. What a great wedding in Jmaica! Many blessings for the new couple. Thanks for sharing this feast and all the fun you had.

  3. It looks like a wonderful trip and a wedding to remember!

  4. stopping by via Pink Saturday, what a fun post and such a lovely wedding. How nice to see family in an exotic location like Jamaica.

  5. Hi Janice,
    Wow, what a trip! How beautiful! It looks like you had a blast! My sister got married in Jamaica and she said the same thing you did about the Yo Mon. How funny!
    Glad you made it back safely. Have a great week.

  6. Good Morning Janice, What a wonderful wedding and how romantic for your niece to be married on a Jamaican beach. The dress she wore was lovely and she looked beautiful.
    I love the fact that amongst the eating and shopping there was time to exercise.... how marvellous to exercise in such a beautiful place.
    Isn't it fun looking at all the photographs when you return from your trip.... a reminder of all the lovely memories.
    Best Wishes

  7. looks like you had a fabulous time.......loved all the beautiful photos, the scenery and your family. The bride looks so very pretty. What a wonderful way to celebrate such a special day. :)

  8. Oh how wonderful. A beautiful setting for the happy couple. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure xo

  9. It must have been exciting to attend a wedding in Jamaica. What a beautiful place for such an event. It looks and sounds like you had a great time. Congratulations to the swett and happy couple and all the best for their future!

  10. Wow!! What a gorgeous wedding day...and those guest chairs ~ I think I could have sat there on the beach all day :) Thanks so much for the great pictures of all of the fun you were having!!!

  11. Oh, how romantic! The bride and groom look so happy, and you look like vacationing agrees with you! I'm so jealous!

  12. Good morning Janice,
    What a romantic setting to have a wedding! The bride and groom look very happy as does everyone else. What a fabulous way to enjoy both a special wedding and a vacation! Thanks so much for sharing with us and enjoy your weekend.


  13. beautiful wedding, janice! wishing them many years of happiness!
    tfs and have a great weekend!

  14. Congratulations to your niece and her husband. How exciting to be married in Jamaica!! So nice that so many of you were able to fly out and share with her.