Monday, May 27, 2013

Flo Blue

Hi all
I guess I took a break, usually I like to post once or twice a week and I have been running around shopping at yard sales and thinking about my yard coming up June 7-8 and then 10-11 in the afternoons
I need more tags and just overwhelmed with all I want to get in the sale,since I can't lift very many things and do steps I am limited until I get help which people have offered to help. I am doing everything to avoid major back surgery buy asking for help first time in my life

Any way this platter is not a 1800's original  platter but it's heavy and a beautiful flo blue, I have several and thought I can eliminate this one . I got it at a very reasonable price and think I will ask $35.00 for it however that is not a yard sale price I know !!!LOL


This is the mark on the back,the lions


It is 1 9 inch x 14

It has a blemish on the left side looks like a metal spot,no paint,it's not a chip I don't know what to call it ,very small size of a very small pea

Saturday I went to St Louis Mo shopping and went to a resale shop I had never been to. Loved it maybe you have heard about it on Style Network TV?

Women's Closet Exchange they are on Style Network on Sunday Evenings 8c
There is a Mother and 2 daughters who run this shop, the filming crew was not there when I was,however there was people from all over United States there wanting their pictures with these ladies

All I wanted was to get to the Louis Vuitton bags and touch them LOL they had Prada, Dior bags also however I have always loved Louis Vuitton ever since I knew what they were.

They buy all high end clothes  and resale them in this shop, it's a very nice shop also,they did have items from Cold Water Creek and Chico, Macy's etc also Armani
They had a good assortment of Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik,Christian Louboutin ,shoes however most sizes were 7 1/2 - 8  I wear a 9  and couldn't squeeze my feet in any LOL
I bought a Dennis Basso jacket ,new for $30.00 bright yellow with leopard lining, love it LOL

I had a good time and bought some other items besides this Louis Vuitton travel bag , I will use it for road trips the airports just ruin good luggage . I LOVE Louis Vuitton items 

I spent my cookie jar money I have been saving for 2 trips however you have to buy when you find what you want and love 
they had 10% OFF everything in the store Saturday

it's worth the trip gals , one girl drove 5 hours to get there 

Linky parties I am joining in 

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  1. Look like some wonderful finds!

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. I have one LV and it makes me VERY happy so I totally understand the splurge!

  3. Good Evening to you, Oooh, if I lived closer to you I would buy the blue platter as I love blue and white. My daughter would agree with you as she loves Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton, if she saw your suitcase she would love it. You mentioned that luggage gets ruined on aircraft.... you are right so we travel with old suitcases. When Danielle visited Atlanta she went to Graceland where amongst other things she bought the most amazing suitcase. She worried about travelling on the airline with it, but when she arrived at the airport, she discovered she could have it wrapped in clingfilm and do you know it worked. When she arrived in England, the suitcase was in pristine condition.
    Good luck with your garage sale, I do wish I lived closer so I could visit.
    Best Wishes to you,

  4. Great finds!! Love that luggage!!

  5. Gorgeous platter! Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  6. Your blog is beautiful! I love all of the photos. I'm a new follower. Lynda

  7. Oh wow what I a great find with that luggage! I am new from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and hopefully follow me back! nicole

  8. score!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for linking your post to the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  9. First love the flow blue! And that cute little suitcase is a peach! I would've loved to hit that sale with you Janice! Good find. I actually took my LV keepall bandouliere with me to Savannah and I fretted and worried about it getting scratched (and it did) all the time *sighs* Plus it got heavy fast. So it's perfect for a little weekend getaway, but I won't be traveling with my LV on the airlines any time soon. I just remembered I did also find myself a Bisten 55 hard case suitcase that I'm using to add to my stack *winks*...Gotta love ebay! Vanna

  10. Sheesh all this blah blah blah about LV and I forgot to ask you about the more important thing..... your back! How're you doing girlfriend? What did I miss? What happened to your back? V