Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Special Report on Cottrell House, Flood in Clarksville Missouri

Hi all great bloggers

I know most of you have read Richard Cottrell blog , My Old Historic House He lives in Clarksville Missouri on the Mississippi River . His wonderful house, mansion is looking right in the eye of the high river., flooding really

This morning on ABC Good Morning American they did a special report right there in Clarksville in front of Richard's shop at the arch ways he is always showing.

Then last night Fox news was there and Richard was on Fox news thanking all the volunteers and guardsmen the Governor had sent in for helping, also corp of engineers

He had help caring all his first floor furniture to the second floor. Look at this web site of how beautiful his house is and imagine moving all those treasures

I called him this morning and he said his basement is full of water , he said the Methodist church ? I think is providing food for the workers and he was helping there as he could.

I felt we need to help Richard , he is so upset about his beautiful home and business, and loss of business.  I sent a card with a little money in it to help in some small way . I hope he isn't offended

If you would like to send Richard a card, he has a post office box

Richard Cottrell
P O Box
Clarksville Mo 63336


UPDATE on facebook Richard Cottrell 4/23/13
Basement pump is up and running. Yard mowed. i'm going to pull weeds and watch it pump. Hope to have electric, gas and a toilet by tonite. And my own bed.

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  1. So sorry to hear this about Richard. He has so many beautiful treasures, and momentos.

  2. Hi Janice,
    Thankyou for posting this. How sweet of you. I feel so sad for him right now. I will send a card soon.

  3. Oh that's too bad about richard ..thanks for posting his info..

  4. That is a great idea to send a post card. I have one from Jefferson City Missouri I will send. His house is a history museum and I would hope they get it all.

  5. That is a terrible thing to happen no matter who it is. May many blessings be brought to your friend, Richard.

  6. I have been watching the news with great anticipation and worrying about Richard and Sissy Dog.

  7. Such sad news! He has a lovely and historic home. It is such a heartbreak when a natural disaster like this happens. I lived through Hurricane Sandy last year and was very lucky not to have much damage but saw many, many who did...some lost everything they owned! I donated a good portion of my furniture to Sandy victims when I moved this winter.

    I hope Richard's home will not be destroyed and that he can restore it. Mold abatement should be his first concern.

  8. According to Richards facebook page the water is only in his basement , however quite a bit of water his basement walls are 9 feet tall
    It did not get in his 1st floor, he does say his beautiful yard is all tore up

    There is a big event scheduled for May 4th in Clarksville MIssouri, will see if they cancel it or not

  9. it's always a shame when water damage or any type of damage is done to such a lovely home...I'm assuming it's historic as I have never read his blog...the furniture is gorgeous....happy to hear that only the basement flooded....

  10. Thanks for keeping us informed about Richard. His home is a national treasure. I hope it gets sorted soon and he and Sissy dog can continue enjoying their beautiful home.