Saturday, March 23, 2013

Eiffel Tower Painting

 I am going to show you the Eiffel Tower as I had never seen it painted. There is a new studio in Columbia where you can go take a  3 hour painting class, and paint an art piece. This class just took 2 1/2 hours
I went with my youngest daughter  Thursday evening for the first time and painted the Eiffel Tower , we both painted it . She had gone before and knew I would like it

Of Course you start off with a blank 16 x 20 inch canvas , this is the background for the Eiffel Tower, really


 You paint streaks of yellow then dark gold then green & white , I got a little red mixed in my brush by mistake however it turned out to my liking
Here is my set up , we just put our paint on a paper plate , and had a ball fruit jar for our water for our brushes

I KNOW this doesn't look like anything good , however stay with me as the painting instructor said , we used 3 different brushes for this art piece

TAAAAAA DAAAAAA THe Eiffel Tower By Janice


I had to sign mine


        OK Now here is the instructors version we tired to follow , first time I had ever painted anything beside furniture LOL I should probably not show it then you won't see I was a LITTLE off LOL


 It was lots of fun and I needed something new in my life to enjoy, for you gals & guys who like a little wine while painting to take the curve off your nerves , there is a wine & beer bar.

I just ran across an old post last year about some glass eggs I got at an estate sale                                      

LInky  Parties I showed my painting in

Be Different act Normal  
Twigg Studios      
Between Naps on the Porch / Easter    
Penny's Vintage Home/Easter        

Common Ground  Marketplace                                                                                                                                                                                                              


  1. Oh what fun, Janice! I'd love to try something like this. You have to frame and hang it, I think you did a really great job.

  2. Hi Janice,
    That's really good! Glad you shared that with us.

  3. Wow - that looks wonderful! -so fun- I heard of these places becoming really popular - wish there was one near me! Painting and wine- perfect!

  4. What a wonderful job! Now you will have the painting "bug."

    I can't wait to see what you will paint next!

  5. How fun! You did a great job, Janice! Sounds like a wonderful evening!

  6. This is did good. I suggested that the Atlanta blog gals take one of these classes....everyone is on board now we just have to find a place that hasn't gone out of business....they close as fast as they idea though!!

  7. I enjoy those studios, too -- we have two or three in town now.

  8. Oh I love the tower. I would love to take a painting class!


  9. Very nice and funny ! Sure you enjoyed that class ! I love the result of your painting that's a real original way for the Eiffel tower !
    xoxo from Paris