Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tomato Spoons

Hi all

I am back from my 10 day trip out to PNW  that is Oregon & Washington state for you that don't know where the PNW is . I use to be one of those people that didn't know what that meant

I didn't get to do hardly any shopping like I like when I go out to Portland Oregon but this trip we was on a peninsula off Washington state on the coast  a little town called Long Beach Washington .

I had a new experience , I experienced hurricane winds like 100 miles per hour winds. I wanted to be like the weather men and see if I could walk against the winds LOL. It was raining so hard Sunday night the 18th when we got there we had no choice but to stay inside also the Monday . The local lighthouse clocked winds at 100,  scratch that event  off my bucket list LOL

In Long Beach Washington there was a real big metal building flea market type and I found a tomato spoon and then next door at a nicer shop I found a mother of pearl handle tomato spoon , I guess I collect these now and have 9  also 3  little forks , all for $1.00 one is a fish fork and not sure what the other two are if anyone knows let me know please. I love little sterling  silver serving pieces.
The Tomato spoons are for serving sliced tomatoes

These are for serving sliced tomatoes

This was in the shop

Oh and I have to show you Jake The Alligator Man, there was a whole long story about this ( fake ?) creature but I didn't read it . LOL  ugly I know. It was in a museum on the island. (I don't like this sort of thing but ? )

I know this is nothing like the beautiful Christmas decor everyone is showing LOL I will do better next time LOL


I got home last night about 8:20 pm and went to work this morning at 8 am

 Glad to be home

 me on the beach,  time share behind me. I loved walking the cold windy beach


  1. I learn the most interesting things from you. I had no idea those round spoons are called tomatoe spoons. Very pretty. Yes, I have seen Jake the Aligator man - creeeepy!

  2. Dear Janice - thanks for the kind wishes for my mom. And, I learned something new today - I did not know about "tomato spoons", either! LOVE the alligator man - I will look him up and read more! XOXO Tanya

  3. Hi Janice, Glad you had a safe trip. I like those tomato spoons, I never knew there was such a thing. You learn something new everyday huh? Thanks for sharing! Gina

  4. Why would there be a need for special spoons to serve tomatos? Those Victorians had a gadget for everything! xx

  5. Hi Janice, thanks fro visiting my blog. My hubby was station in Oregon and he said I would love it. So glad you got to go. Had no idea those were called tomatoe spoons, but they are so pretty.

  6. Welcome back!! Looks like tomato spoons find you wherever you go ~ lol!! Such a fun collection :)

  7. I love your post and spoons. The beach looks beautiful. My daughter's friend goes to college in Corvalis and they went to Portland and she says the beaches are beautiful on the Pacific Coast...
    I added one of the posts I did on her trip....

  8. How neat, spoons just for serving tomatoes. Glad you enjoyed your time at the beach.

  9. I too Love silver serving pieces :) I had no idea those spoons are for serving tomato slices, very cool~~~
    I bet that beach walk was very nice!
    Tiff :)