Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tomato Spoons

Hi all

I am back from my 10 day trip out to PNW  that is Oregon & Washington state for you that don't know where the PNW is . I use to be one of those people that didn't know what that meant

I didn't get to do hardly any shopping like I like when I go out to Portland Oregon but this trip we was on a peninsula off Washington state on the coast  a little town called Long Beach Washington .

I had a new experience , I experienced hurricane winds like 100 miles per hour winds. I wanted to be like the weather men and see if I could walk against the winds LOL. It was raining so hard Sunday night the 18th when we got there we had no choice but to stay inside also the Monday . The local lighthouse clocked winds at 100,  scratch that event  off my bucket list LOL

In Long Beach Washington there was a real big metal building flea market type and I found a tomato spoon and then next door at a nicer shop I found a mother of pearl handle tomato spoon , I guess I collect these now and have 9  also 3  little forks , all for $1.00 one is a fish fork and not sure what the other two are if anyone knows let me know please. I love little sterling  silver serving pieces.
The Tomato spoons are for serving sliced tomatoes

These are for serving sliced tomatoes

This was in the shop

Oh and I have to show you Jake The Alligator Man, there was a whole long story about this ( fake ?) creature but I didn't read it . LOL  ugly I know. It was in a museum on the island. (I don't like this sort of thing but ? )

I know this is nothing like the beautiful Christmas decor everyone is showing LOL I will do better next time LOL


I got home last night about 8:20 pm and went to work this morning at 8 am

 Glad to be home

 me on the beach,  time share behind me. I loved walking the cold windy beach

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just been LAZY

Hi There

Well I don't have any excuse for not posting sooner, just lazy. I have been trying to get things cleaned out like excess vintage books. I have cleaned out cabinets like under the TV wall cabinet  and in my office and in the studio where I have old vintage books stashed. Now I have piles of books in every room .LOL  So I am down sizing thinking I might sell my house and go to a condo nothing in stone yet just thinking out loud.

I know there is no way I can move 20 years of collecting into a smaller house. My dream would be move down to Lake Ozarks on the water with a boat dock and a cruiser LOL  However would I have enough company to keep me busy?

I have been cleaning the silver for the Thanksgiving & Christmas turkey , long ways to go my pitchers are just black , however the silver butter dish isn't bad. This is my turkey cover and when I purchased it I thought it would cover a 20 lb turkey, however I could only get a 12 lb turkey under it . I just love vintage silver

Also while in the studio I seen my little vintage soft feather tree with my vintage glass ornaments on it so brought it into the kitchen already LOL I really think it's too soon but what the heck . I just wanted to reminisce about where I bought it and what estate sale I bought the entire box of old glass balls and the old garland . My friend and I call it  the Martha garland because once on her show she was flaunting all her beautiful vintage Christmas items and had some old garland like mine.

I have about 20 things to do today so must get started , look at the little rusty bell on the tree, the tree is 18 inches tall  including the little wooden base .
The sun is out today and I can work like a buss saw when the sun is out FYI  LOL, we sure had a dark rainy day Sunday so after church all I did was eat ice cream and tried to clean silver and couldn't get my new siver spary can to spray so had to take it back yesterday and get a new can  blah blah not interesting I know

I hope to come up with a more fun post soon . Hope you all eat lots of good things for the holiday      

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