Thursday, October 25, 2012

Purple transferware

I have been in love with transferware dishes for years and don't have every piece I want of course however I wanted to show the only 2 little piece I have of purple transferware which when I purchased them I got them at a very reasonable price I think. This is a small cup no handle maybe a demitasse  cup for tea?

I follow the blog Nancy's daily Dish and  I  looked on her etsy page to see if she had any dishes to match these and she does. She has the best assortment of transferware I have ever seen


This item I am showing from my childhood memories.My parents separated when I was 5 my little sister was 5 months old and my brother was 8. We moved in my my maternal grandparents and this hung over our kitchen  sink way up high. My Grandpa bought it at Ocean Aquarium in Hermosa Beach California back in the 1950's.They traveled out to California from Illinois our home state. Back then no air conditioner in the car I can just see it now. I always cried when they left on their trips? I guess because they were my security blanket. I wish my grandparents home was still standing I would purchase it and move home . Have you ever been homesick?

Quit Your Belly Akin

Grandpa didn't like anyone griping or complaining so I am sure that's why he bought this for our country home LOL  

I am home resting , I went back yesterday for the third steroid epidural  injection in my back where I have 4 bulging disks

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  1. Love the colour - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Gorgeous transferware! I'm so loving purple right now!

  3. Hope that injection helps! Back pain is no fun! Love your transferware...I have never come across any purple in my hunts!

  4. I hope you get some relief. Is surgery an option? I like purple transferware too and have one large teacup. Brown is my favorite color. But I have a set of red, blue, and brown dishes. All bought for very little via thrifting. Have you heard about Nancy's from The Daily Diah being filmed for a documentary by Etsy? So happy for her.

  5. Janice I hope the injections work perfectly! Back pain is such a...well...PITA (that's pain in the a$$) Literally.
    Girlfriend you cracka me up! I'd like to stalk you too *winks* I LOVE the purple transferware! And I also LOVE that sign of your Grandpa's. It's making me feel homesick for my Grandmother who passed away at 106. She was a fluke of nature because everyone else in my family seems to die young *sighs*
    On a completely different note, will you still be coming out to the PNW? Vanna

    1. yes I'll be out PNW if my back lets me. Already have my plane tickets

      ever heard of Long Beach Washington ?

  6. Oh ouch! You poor thing! I know exactly what you mean. I have bulging and herniated disks and have had injections before. I hope that you'll be feeling better. I love the purple transferware and after visiting Nancy's web site one day, I was lucky to find a collection while out thrifting! I have them for sale on my etsy shop, just in case you want to go admire them. I love the purple color - I think it's probably my favorite altho' if I see a piece in pink, it's instant love! Your pieces are so pretty and special since they have a connection to your grandparents. To me, that makes anything more valuable! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena
    Oh! I found your blog through Feathered Nest Friday!

  7. Amo la toile!Questa viola รจ adorabile!Mi piace il tuo blog,divento follower!Rosetta

  8. Yikes! I'm sure you're miserable, but I hope you're doing well! I never picked up any purple TW because I knew I would never stop! I have too many collections aready. Take care!

  9. Hi Janice!

    I sure hope your back is better soon. I read back and know that you have been hurting for sometime. It sure is hard when we are unable to do things that we just take for granted.

    You have reminded me to see what Nancy has posted in the last few days. I agree she has the most beautiful collection of transferware. The back story on why she started that business is an inspiration!

    Feel better soon :

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  10. Ouch. Sure hope the treatments lower the pain levels. Your transferware in purple is just lovely. I have dark blue, black, blue and red but have never found that wonderful shade of purple.

    I love Nancy's collection.


  11. you had me at purple! Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy weekend wishes xo

  12. I adore purple transferware! I don't think I own any myself but I will get some, someday. Sweet story about your grandpa and his plaque. Selling my childhood home was SO. HARD; I do understand. I hope your injections gave you some back pain relief!

  13. I love your purple transferware, I rarely ever see it in this color. Such sweet memories of your grandparents. I do hope that your injections are helping and you get the relief you need. Thanks so much for sharing and for visiting with me:-)

  14. I love transferware! The brown and white is my favorite! It's hard to find!

    I have a new Blog and sent you the link to it in your email.

    Hope you are doing well!!! We are cleaning up here after the bad storm that just went through. We have power, food and are safe!


  15. Oh, I love purple transferware and of course, I have none! It is the only thing on my "dish wishlist". LOL Thank you for sharing at TTF.

  16. Good Morning Janice, You popped over to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! you said you couldn't remember my name, so I have popped over to pay you a visit. I loved my Grandmother Ivy and Gramp's home, as we travelled a lot when I was young, their home was my stability. The feeling stays with me today. When I smell lavender it takes me straight back to those days. Lovely to meet you. Best Wishes Daphne

  17. Hi Janice,
    thanks for you nice words on my Texas post, it was so wonderful to be there. Guess what has happened...Robin (Magnolia Pearl) invited us to visit her home....a dream came true...i was over the moon and back.
    I purchased a pretty collection...couldn´t resist :o))).
    By the clog shoes are from Sweden, the label is Calou....they are very comfortable!!

    Hope you are doing better with your bulging disks....i know that, no fun.

    Best wishes,

  18. Yes, I spend a whole summer being homesick, after visits back there...have decided that I WILL be making more trips in the new year, to combat it! Kwitcherbellyachin' - too funny! I remember the word well. Hope your back is feeling a bit better, day by day, Janice - Tanya