Thursday, October 25, 2012

Purple transferware

I have been in love with transferware dishes for years and don't have every piece I want of course however I wanted to show the only 2 little piece I have of purple transferware which when I purchased them I got them at a very reasonable price I think. This is a small cup no handle maybe a demitasse  cup for tea?

I follow the blog Nancy's daily Dish and  I  looked on her etsy page to see if she had any dishes to match these and she does. She has the best assortment of transferware I have ever seen


This item I am showing from my childhood memories.My parents separated when I was 5 my little sister was 5 months old and my brother was 8. We moved in my my maternal grandparents and this hung over our kitchen  sink way up high. My Grandpa bought it at Ocean Aquarium in Hermosa Beach California back in the 1950's.They traveled out to California from Illinois our home state. Back then no air conditioner in the car I can just see it now. I always cried when they left on their trips? I guess because they were my security blanket. I wish my grandparents home was still standing I would purchase it and move home . Have you ever been homesick?

Quit Your Belly Akin

Grandpa didn't like anyone griping or complaining so I am sure that's why he bought this for our country home LOL  

I am home resting , I went back yesterday for the third steroid epidural  injection in my back where I have 4 bulging disks

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Buttons & Shells & A pumpkin Oh my

I know I told a lie saying Oct 8th I was back. However my body just wasn't  ready to be back. Anyway you don't want to hear about a broken down  ladies body LOL

Also I have been itching to work on a small project so thought I would paint the inside of a large shell I have and put mother of pearl buttons in it . I have it setting by my mother of pearl button flowers on a silver table I have with a glass top.

These are before & after pictures. I used gold leaf paint and thought I had  purchased gold paint , it turned out to be silver which I already had silver , so just used it



I just love mother of pearl buttons


Talking about buttons I was in a button exchange with Button Floozies and Laurie over at Indulge Your Shelf was in charge and here is the altoid tin I received from my exchange  partner Cindy from Indianapolis Indiana


        Isn't this cute with the old piece of embroidery & little button on top of tin ?    

Look at those mother of pearl buttons LOL

 OK now that i'm up I want to surf around at some blogs I haven't got to visit for some time

Oh I don't decorate for Halloween much however here is an old plastic pumpkin from the 1950's that I have had for years and you put a C size battery in the bottom and it lights it up , it still works


   I thought I would show you the tin I sent my tin exchange partner Cindy  because I don't think she has a blog ?




  I really enjoy playing with buttons LOL                

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Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm Back

Yes I'm back and never want to go through that again. I had 3 bulging disks after 3 weeks I finally got out of the house yesterday and went to church, a friend picked me up however today I am going to drive to Dr Appointment them return to work Wednesday. One good thing I lost a few pounds LOL
laying in bed and can't get to kitchen will make you loose a few pounds. LOL

I need to get some pictures taken now to add to my blog

Girls I am still working on starting up my etsy page first it says name already in use then shop closed so I wrote Mr or Mrs etsy out in Internet world and finally got a reply ( after a week ) to change password and start again. I promise its going to happen and since I won't be setting up at shows and flea markets ever again unless I get a person to pack, carry ,unpack, carry, put away my items, which  that isn't going to happen, I am sure, so I have accepted this since I have inherited a bad back , a cousin told me this.

just so I don't post without a picture one of my vintage hats


This prom dress may be in the shop, this is back of dress and of course I will do a better picture