Monday, July 2, 2012

Books of Law

A friend of mine is closing out her husband's law office , he died over a year ago and his partner is retiring so all their law books are going to adopted homes, like baby kittens and puppies.
She offered them to anyone who wanted them.  We had a fish fry last week at church  and Annette used them for table decorations and told everyone that wanted one or ten  to take them home.
I went down to her husbands office and took 2 suit cases plus 3 boxes home . Other wise they were going in a dumpster. I said oh please take them to a thrift store and donate them , people decorate with old books


These all date between 1839 and 1910 , some one already took the 1700's books.
 I stacked them on the floor

I stacked a couple under my cow and the one standing is a 1907 book the year my Grandmother was born.
The book under my blue & white pitcher lamp is Elizabeth Taylor's book " My Love Affair With Jewelry"

Any local blogger want a law book?

I had a surprise call from a friend said we are coming over for lunch today, we will stop and get lunch be right there, so I went out and cut some fresh flowers for our in door picnic

Stay Cool and Carry On in this HOT weather , it was 107 yesterday , wish I had a baby pool I would sure get in it

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  1. I know you'll have fun with those law books!

  2. The law books are wonderful.

  3. Those law books are fabulous!!
    Mary Alice

  4. So glad you saved those books from the dumpster, they are lovely!

  5. Not only are they fabulous for decorating, they can also be very valuable!

  6. Yes, my husband keeps telling me I can have a baby pool too, not happening, I want the real thing. YOur book are fabulous, I would have taken as many as they would let me have. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. It seems that those books of law is very interesting. I think that its great to save such old books. I know that those books would be a great collection.

  8. Thank goodness someone like you found these books. Such a shame destroying any book. The way you are using them looks very nice.

  9. I am just GREEN with envy over your law books, simply gorgeous! I wish I were close, I'd be beating down your door! The spines are just perfection, love the way you have displayed them. A great find.

  10. OH my goodness! I had to do a double take when I saw the law books since I picked up one just like those today at GW. On closer look they are from a different state but same year 1904. Love mine!Mine is all the way from Kansas and I live in Louisiana.