Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jazzercise & Valentines

Jazzercise it is girls, I need to get this flabby fat body into shape LOL. I have a long ways to go and have gone down this path several times in my life so don't know if things will shrink  back into place any more LOL. I am not working toward a small body just need to exercise a little. Since I have been diagnosed with type two diabetes I have to eat different so need something to occupy my time more.
 Usually I would go home from work and cook me up a great meal them some dessert. Which I am having a hard time not doing. I miss my sweets a lot. I am not a person who can't  do anything in moderation . So it's best not to have them around me. I always cooked a lot on the week ends also

I was watching TV last night where Joan Rivers was having another face procedure done OMG. I don't think I will ever go under the knife to look better. I have had to go under the knife for surgery but for things like shoulder surgery where I fell in my garage and did a dive like I was diving into a pool , I was so mad because I fell and then really mad when the Doctor said I tore my rotor cuff and would have to have surgery. i like to keep on the go and I was not going anywhere for a while after that. plus 3 months therapy.Then there was back surgery once for a bulging disk where I missed a step going into the studio and landed on my butt I was wearing socks only  on wood steps , beware of doing that
I hate when I can't be on the go

Now to show something besides a vision in your mind of me doing jazzercise. It's really fun and since I am not self conscience about how I look around all the young hotties I had fun.  (loved it)

Now I have been lazy about working on my valentines also and I have drawers of paper and hearts to make the entire city a valentine I do believe. LOl

I know you have all seen this pretty tin before . It has been around for a few years I have seen other ladies have it on their blogs

  Then this one is a fan that I have had a few years


I have this purple beaded heart laying in a small suit case of old vintage lace  that I have also had a few years

     Then my little Marie Antoinette couple this is a small lamp and I usually just have then setting on a shelf with other similar figures

    Thanks for stopping by I stayed home tonight i guess to rest LoL but it's back to jazzercise tomorrow they had a special for $18.00  18 classes so I just had to try it out, like I said my doctor said I need to exercise more  and I need to have fun , girls just want to have fun

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Silver Chest

I am working on my project list since the start of this new year and getting this chest ready for use was on my list so my list is down 2 projects now

I bought this wonderful french provincial chest at a indoor  flea market back last summer . It was in great shape and a heavy chest however it was scuffed up where someone had used a packing tape or duct tape probably while moving . Anyway I thought I have some great silver paint and will touch it up.
This paint I have goes on better than any paint I have ever bought so went over the entire chest. You can see here the tape marks and also I changed the top drawer pull or a more ornate one. Also the chest was $30.
You can see where the tape was

        before with streaks

        This is the drawer pull I used  for the top drawer since there was only 3 matching pulls

This is the paint I used I bought it at a local paint store and love it . It was $38. a quart and goes on like soft butter  and never streaks also drys very quick

                     Love it

I will use it in the studio, more than likely will have it full of card stock material, I have 2 large plastic tubs of valentine card making supplies that will fill these drawers
If it was not already painted silver I would have painted it white to match all my other chests in the studio

OK on to my next project now and I want to say Thank you for following my projects as I go through them

also is anyone besides me having trouble leaving comments on certain blogs? some blogs I can't even pull up? maybe blogger is having trouble again?
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Books from Germany

I have a correspondence with a family in Germany who are from Columbia Missouri and he sent me these old books he found in an old Church who was selling all there  old , I mean old library books.

The first one is a small song book which I love the cover it is a hard slick  shinny  black leather  anyway.  I love old books was was thrilled to get them. It is dated 1915 Lobsinget dem Herrim
translated to , sing praise to the mistress




Also today I wanted to let you know the address where I got my animal calendar I had several emails asking

I am trying to get a few things out for the  Valentine posts we all do , I love making cards and have boxes I mean boxes of card stock and ideas it's just getting it done

This is just a little cluttered cabinet I got out of the storage room to start my Valentine juices flowing

         This is short and sweet however I need to get to a basketball game                                              
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Animals

Here is another project for me , getting my new calendar put together. I seen this advertised in Country Living magazine last year and thought they were so cute . I am a paper lover I love paper products like this.

It was easy to get them together so will show them all however the cow & the rabbit is my favorite. Each animal is for 2 months

January & February

   March & April

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               my favorite I didn't tutn her tail down

May & June

July & August

September & October

November & December

After the year is over you can reverse them and use them plain. I can see them around a small Christmas tree next year


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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pink Saturday

I always forget Pink Saturday At How Sweet The Sound , but today I remembered.

I have had this project going on for about 3 years now LOl
This year I said self, we are staying home more and playing in the studio and finishing projects that are started or just thought about starting

I bought 2 palcemats at Target and already had the bag handles from an old bag my sister made me back in the 80's( OMG) way back then we was doing projects LOL

I am just using fabric glue and putting them together , at the time I had a cute summer outfit that almost matched this material


Also since we are having a very mild winter , yesterday it was 66 here, I am thinking about my flower beds already

well I am still taking down Christmas stuff, so tired of it now. I am not doing all this next year LOL

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I was on Antique Road Show

Well did ya see me? Last night Monday evening Antique Road Show from Tulsa Oklahoma show that was filmed last September. Well there was my daughter first thing in a yellow dress behind the first man with his old family chair
Then after the show and in the feedback booth well I was the last person  and I got to go on and on LOl.  I was so happy to get to get to talk so long LOL It was so fun. My daughter and I drove over to Tulsa last year after I got tickets for the first time . You go on line and apply about 6 months before the show then 3 weeks before the show I got tickets in the mail
My daughter use to think it the show  was just for old people however she had fun and lots of young people there with their Grandparents tresaures

Oh Ok on with our new year of great blogging. I just love blogging and reading all the other blogs lots of people have a business also and blogging about that for their business. I just go on and on about my treasures and where I have been and what I have bought

This morning all I could think of to post was while I walked in my guest bedroom and thought I need to dust and straighten  this room up

I am off to visit a special family and then going to get my hair cut on my way back in town today

A Message from Cheryl Day                                                                               

14 hours ago Cheryl Day     Hi Janice
I will be on Paula's Best Dishes Saturday  Jan 14th- Its called Crarvin Italian!


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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Well we all made another great year in 2011 blogging so  here we go again

just wanted to show a little post card I made once for New Years, until I get a new post up