Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Me & Grandma

Hi ya all

 I am loving seeing all the Christmas decorations on all the linky parties. I have just a few little special things I am showing. This little Hallmark ornament was my Grandmother's I set it in one of my silver ladles

                                                                         ( I know I showed this last year)                 

Then how about a funny picture of me. I see all the blogs where I am sure ladies have taken a photography class and have their cameras in front of them so here is my version LOL

This Santa sweatshirt I have on well It was my youngest daughters   when she was in high school LOL . I loved it because     of the button Santa. This was when girls would wear a sweatshirt about 6 sizes to large for them. Remember that era?

I also ordered me a gift from Ballard Design. I LOVE these buttons named button garland on line or in the book. I measured them and 9 feet of mother of pearl buttons , on each spool

I will play them year long . That is how you girls get what you want buy it for yourself right? Maybe just us single gals do that, no I have always done that LOL

Ok Now I have got to go someplace to get a haircut, I usually go to a girl near Jefferson City however I can't get that far today . I did drive to church Sunday so I think I can get out to a local salon
                                   Linky parties for this week I am joining

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Elna- Sudden                       


  1. Well my little sweet friend, you are amazing, you are like the energy bunny, you just keep on going. I love the sweat shirt too. The button garlands as so fun. I have been playing with my Christmas blog, I'll post it Christmas Eve. I think I will go to the Moss mansion for Christmas eve and morning. Love you, be careful, be safe and stay sweet. Richard and Sissy from My Old Historic House.

  2. I love your grandmother's piece...must make you think of her whenever you look at it! The button garlands are a fun idea! Your camera photo is fun!

  3. Your Hallmark ornaments are just darling.

    I love the button garland.


  4. Awww, that ornament is so cute, and I love the way you have it displayed. Your self portrait made me smile. What do you mean era? I have an oversize sweater on right now. lol

  5. Hello There,
    Thanks for stopping by, LizlovesVintage.
    It's great to meet new Friends ;)
    I love the Red Transferware.
    Have a wonderful Holiday.
    xxx Liz

  6. Merry Christmas.


  7. The joyful little rabbit drummer is so precious!


    Red hat, I am lonesome.
    Red hat, are you free?
    Red hat, please consider
    Coming home with me.

    I need a companion,
    One who’ll warm my head;
    I think you’ll do nicely,
    Hat of brilliant red.

    You’re the warmest color,
    Not like blue or green—
    Red hat at the vendor’s,
    Red hat, you’re my queen.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Artisan in Red


  9. Janice that Santa sweatshirt is CA-UTE! I'd have stollen....I mean borrowed it too! Lol! And your Grandmothers Hallmark ornament is a treasure. I only have a few things from my Grandmother, but they're my most special treasures. I'm also so glad to hear that you're getting out and about. Gotta hit those after Christmas sales girlfriend! *winks*
    I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you earlier (Please forgive me?) I've been knee deep in family drama....I thought it was going to be a nice quiet family Christmas this year, but NOOOOOO! Didn't happen. So I'm playing catch up and I'll be sending you an email stat. Vanna