Monday, October 10, 2011

Clarksville Mo mansion

I think I mentioned that I always wanted to go visit Richard's Old Historic House in Clarksville Mo . His house was featured in the Victorian Homes magazine early summer June 2011 issue  and I knew I wanted to see it in person. Also it was only a 2 hour drive same distance I drive to shop in the city anyway here is a few pictures. It was the cities  fall festival and there was lots of people in that little town of only 490 people .

I am going to start with this beautiful done just one of many in his house

Oh Vannaaaaaaaaaaa look at this I touched them LOL Richard and I are teasing Vanna from delusions of grandeur because she loves these old domes also some with bridal head pieces in them

I don't know which dinning room or ladies parlor or sitting room  we were in  for this picture. That house is just gorgeous a southern mansion well really a Missouri pre civil war mansion i guess.

         One of my favorite rooms was the kitchen i knew it would be with the staffordshire dogs and those large chickens about 4 foot tall that is on his kitchen island they are in the center fold of the June issue of Victoria Homes magazine page 44-45.

Again I don't remember what room I was in here I think the upstairs bedroom that was on the south east corner . I think it was in pinks and blues. Richard can correct any mistakes .
     Richard was very gracious and ask me if I would like a sandwich and something to drink so while I was setting out on the porch north off the kitchen I just had to take a picture of this settee i love the blue & white material which was on all the cushions on the porch.

Then a friend of his Marilyn came over she lives in Louisiana Mo anyway Marilyn was a doll , beautiful sweet I would say southern lady. she had on the most beautiful  ball gown fuchsia taffeta dress looks like she was going to be featured in a movie Gone With The Wind.  She came dressed in the period of the house to help Richard with his tour to give his niece a break. I could have visited with Marilyn the rest of the afternoon

Before I went to the house I stopped at Richard's shop and seen Sissy and  Richard's sister and sister in law.

I took a few pictures real quick around the shop because there was lots of people looking around.

First picture in the shop,  I am a chair person and liked this very much

I use to want these hinged boxes I think I can spell capo  de monte
and these sweet old white night gowns on an old mannequin

I tell you what Richard's shop has something for all ladies there was fancy things and country kitchen things which I like and not buying anymore I am going with fancy

as I was leaving Richard told me about the local antique mall so I had to check it out and was surprised how big it was in such a small town. Anyway I found a couple small things .
I found some more pearl collars which I think looks so good around Sally Stitch's neck( My mannequin). I had one which i just showed on my previous post so here is a picture of all 3 together. I have seen them made into necklaces buy adding a huge rhinestone pin in the middle and then add a silk ribbon to tie it with. I will do one like that

Ya all know who this is ? Richard's sweetie Sissy she was in the shop as I said I guess to stay out of the way of the traffic of the home tour

Then I collect rhinestone face clocks and found this blue one at the Clarksville antique mall very cheap so had to have it

then here is a couple more pictures form Richard's old Stuff shop

wait one more this was on one of the fire place mantles in which room  don't remember
          This picture was taken while  in one of his ladies rooms, look at that cranberry glass in the bathroom, elegant

 It was a very nice day 

I wanted to mention also that I am having dinner this week with Ginger & Bob do ya know where they live?

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  1. So gorgeous! I had been hoping to visit Clarksville this weekend, but sometimes work gets in the way of having fun. You've convinced me that I've got to take a day off and go browsing through the shop and stop by the antique mall.

  2. Oh wow!! What a treat to visit there....and it looks like the shop was just as fun to look through!!

  3. How lovely...such pretty things. I love the wicker couch..with the dark blue it..

  4. Oh how fun that must have been! I loved getting to see these photos of Richard's house and shop. Wish I could have been there, but your photos are the next best thing. Thanks for posting them. laurie

  5. Ms. Janice, you are sweeter than a June Bug on a magnolia blossom in the morning dew. What a wonderful treat to get to meet you.It is so much fun hooking faces to names. I was more than glad to give you a bite to eat and I was so surprised, thrilled and over whelmed that you came to see me and Ms. Sissy Dog. God loves ya and so does I. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  6. Looks like you had a grand time!

  7. Janice, I just saw your post on Table Top Tuesday. What a great blog you have!! Love all of your transferware!! I am your newest follower and I hope you will follow me, too! God bless you!

  8. So glad you got to visit Richard and Sissy,his home is so beautiful. Maybe I will be able to go next year.

  9. Thanks for sharing your visit to Richards Old Historic House with us!! But it does make me a bit of these days I'm going to get back east so I can see it too. Great picture of Sissy Dog, too!!

    Michele (Sissysmom)

    Sorry had to post as anonymous, for some reason my profile wouldn't post.

  10. How fun!Richard always has such amazing things!

  11. You are so lucky you got to go meet Richard, my sweet blogging friend in PERSON!
    He has the greatest collections. Thanks for sharing the wall of cow creamers too. Had never seen those!

  12. Looks like a Great Place to Visit! Beautiful!!!!
    Barb C.

  13. GRRRRRRRRRR AARRRGGGHHHHH!!! Oh girlfriend you are CRUEL!! Lol!! I found myself gasping and then almost reaching out my hand for those globes de mariee!...I want to touch them too!!! (Sounds kinda porno. but I did!!)*winks* And look at you girl! Looking fine with that new LV! Richards house is stunning! And you know a house is large when you can't figure which room you're in so you use North and South wing etc. Lol! Love the clock and is that little LV cles yours also? that's a cool rare vintage one. Vanna

  14. Janice,
    Pleased to meet you!!

    I saw you on Richard's post and thought I would stop by!!

    I am so jealous of you , getting the chance to visit Richard in person!! I would love to see his home and his shop!!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time!!


  15. Hi Janice,
    Nice to meet you. I am a fan of Richard's and do wish I lived closer so I could visit his home and shop. You have satisfied my curiosity somewhat with the photos of some of his shop items. It looks lovely.
    Thanks for sharing!


  16. Oh Janice, such beautiful post my friend, Richard's shop items are great, wish I could be in the USA to buy from him, but unfortunatelly no! I wish I could go with you and visit Richard, so jelous!! You guys sure had fun. Hugs, FABBY

  17. Hi Janice....what a great house tour and shop tour...I don't read that magazine so I was not familiar with it....but it looks like you had a wonderful time....Next Friday is the Country Living Fair here in Atlanta....sorry you couldn't make it down this year....would have loved to have met you....I know for sure that it was you who wandered upon us three ladies wanting our picture taken in front of the big pumpkin pile in the middle of the fair grounds.....after seeing your picture I am sure it was you who we stopped....Do you remember taking a photo of three crazy women??
    Sue @Rue-Mouffetard

  18. I just had an interesting day corresponding with dear Richard. His house was built by my great, great, grandfather's brother. Oh, how I'd love to visit but I'm afraid I live far to distant for that.
    I came to his blog through Polo House.
    You have a lovely blog, as well. I've been your follower for some time, and always enjoy your posts.
    Priscilla Elgin Warren