Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back to The Future 1858

I  was invited by Marilyn to come to her Italianate Historic Home. Built by Captain James Henry 1858 a river boat captain. Built on a cliff over looking the beautiful  Mississippi River . Marilyn and her sweet husband Haines lives in this magnificent home now .

Soon as I stepped into the front foyer it was like stepping back in time. I could just imagine a well to do southern belle really a Missouri belle with her huge hoop skirted dress on standing on the black and white tile floor looking at the grand winding stairs up to the second floor and the tower which the captain built from the roof to look out over the river to watch his steamboats coming and going. I walked up the stairs which was off the library landing with 14 ft library wall of books , to see for myself what the river looked like to the captain. My host & hostess of this grand house had a telescope set up to look far beyond the necked eye could see.

before I took that adventure I was escorted to my left to view the ballroom. Oh I wanted to dance since I was in the ballroom I also wanted the escort of a Gentleman who just docked his large boat and joined me in an evening of entertainment in this mansion.
The second foyer yes second has the largest mirror I have ever witnessed. It was in a walnut frame and was at least 14 ft tall to meet the 14 ft ceiling in this house. I was told where it was brought from by the Captain and can't
 remember. Above this entry hall mirror which has a more elegant name than mirror hung a 5 foot long crystal kerosene chandelier. It was also a pull down . It was also electrified for use now.
Then you went off to the right to the formal dinning room and formal parlor  to receive your guest .
Did I mention 11 fireplaces in this house a fireplace in every room with  original inserts. I will be showing pictures.
I slept in one of the 4 upstairs bedroom suites now these room were large enough for a 4 large piece suite furniture and 10 ft double pocket sliding doors. 10 foot velvet curtains that Scarlett O'Hara could have made the entire city a ball gowns out of. Also a sofa in one of the bedrooms and The Mistress of the house had a period fainting sofa In her suite. It was just so glamours and I feel so honored to have slept in the grand house
I went up and down that grand stairwell several times imaging like I had on a ballgown going downstairs to be entertained for the evening.
It was so me and so fun. I know if I had lived back then I would have been in the downstairs kitchen cookin up goodies for the mister and mistress's guest.
Oh did I say they had put in an upstairs kitchen ? they live in the upstairs of this grand home .
It was once a red brick home and had been painted white which I love a painted brick home.
There is a painting in the second foyer of the home in it's original color red brick with a horse and buggy out front.
I tell you I could go on and on however here is a few pictures. You can see what I have talking about

front hall way and mirror

Marilyn and Priscilla

14 ft tall remember
     first thing to catch my eye in the ball room besides how long it was a globe de mariee for sale $800.00 complete                                                     

Ballroom organ
           Ballroom settee ready for tea

one of the 2 fireplaces in the ballroom

2nd floor library , love the ladder then up to the lookout tower

I was laying on the floor looking up to the ceiling
         I was at the top of the tower steps looking down to the library

  in the tower looking at the river you can see the river through the tree tops

one of the many steamboat prints going up the wall from the library to the tower landing and around the top banister to the grand stairwell
  here is the large painting downstairs in the grand foyer of the house's original look ( me standing on the front steps waiting on the buggy ) LOL. See the tower built to see the river

Formal dinning room looking into front parlor

Some of Marilyn's flamingo collection                                                         
           Butler's pantry

With all these pictures I didn't get one of the kitchens or bedrooms


I want to show you this lamp I absolutely love so romantic


        I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures I don't feel like I had said enough about this grand house or the owners who love and enjoy it .
It was such a great week end

Before I left town I had to drive 9 miles to visit Richard Cottrell   & Sissy of My Old Historic House . Marilyn joined me since it's because of Richard I met her at his open house tour she was one of the ladies in a beautiful ball gown .

If you google Marilyn Moss you can see listing for this house in Louisiana Missouri.                                         
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  1. A beautiful house. Done very nicely as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful home. I am jealous that you got to visit Richard and Sissy-I know that was fun!

  3. Ms. Janice, two times now in a row. We are like old buddies. I know Marilyn will be thrilled to see this post. She and her husband, Haines are the nicest people,and don't forget Haines sister Nancy and her darling old house. I am so glad you got to come visit us in this part of Missouri. I know you will be back. I am going to Marilyn's this week and do some work for food. I am going to rearrange her whole down stairs. OMG. I am even going to try and move her all ready decorated Christmas tree. Say a prayer. If I break anything I am going to be chopped liver. Glad you had a safe trip home and Happy Halloween. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous home!

  5. Oh Richard

    I could never forget Nancy's house but since I didn't have pictures I didn't mmention her gorgeous house .
    It is a dream of a home. I should say my dream home
    She has it going on for sure and nice to know there is women who have it all.
    I hope to visit in your neighborhood again and want to see Nancy again. Please tell her. I didn't even get her email. I was too busy with my mouth on my chin drooling over her treasures and as I say stuff

    xoxo Janice

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    I'm glad you found the information I gave you helpful.

    Anytime you need Pyrex info I'll help you as best as I can. Don't be shy!

  7. Janice I'm pea green with envy!! Marilyn's house is gawgeous!! That mirror!... *swoons* The dome.....Can I get a 5 yr layaway? *winks* AND you got to see Richard too?! If I didn't love ya I'd have to hate ya for that lol! You are one lucky ducky!
    I'm so glad the footstool was delived by a cutie UPS man *winks* Yes I do love seeing that man in brown carrying a box to my front porch! *winks* Vanna

  8. Thanks for sharing your visit to this beautiful old home. What a treasure!

  9. Like ivrotiques said, PEA GREEN!

    It's really a wonderful home. I esp love the library ladder :D

    Visiting from Bunny Jean's BUNNY HOP Wed. Linky party,
    Smiles, Suzanne in NW IL

  10. What a beautiful home...thank you for taking us on a tour! You did a great job photographing it.

  11. This is a truly beautiful home... thanks for the wonderful tour! I have never seen such a big mirror before.

    Thanks for sharing this at my Bunny Hop.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  12. Hi Janice! I am a fellow Missouri blogger (just outside St. Louis) and so enjoyed seeing this wonderful house! Thank you for posting the pictures!

    I haven't been blogging much this year but I am trying to get back into it and at least visit more blogs. I will be stopping by more often to see what a Missouri girl has posted!

    Have a great day!