Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back to The Future 1858

I  was invited by Marilyn to come to her Italianate Historic Home. Built by Captain James Henry 1858 a river boat captain. Built on a cliff over looking the beautiful  Mississippi River . Marilyn and her sweet husband Haines lives in this magnificent home now .

Soon as I stepped into the front foyer it was like stepping back in time. I could just imagine a well to do southern belle really a Missouri belle with her huge hoop skirted dress on standing on the black and white tile floor looking at the grand winding stairs up to the second floor and the tower which the captain built from the roof to look out over the river to watch his steamboats coming and going. I walked up the stairs which was off the library landing with 14 ft library wall of books , to see for myself what the river looked like to the captain. My host & hostess of this grand house had a telescope set up to look far beyond the necked eye could see.

before I took that adventure I was escorted to my left to view the ballroom. Oh I wanted to dance since I was in the ballroom I also wanted the escort of a Gentleman who just docked his large boat and joined me in an evening of entertainment in this mansion.
The second foyer yes second has the largest mirror I have ever witnessed. It was in a walnut frame and was at least 14 ft tall to meet the 14 ft ceiling in this house. I was told where it was brought from by the Captain and can't
 remember. Above this entry hall mirror which has a more elegant name than mirror hung a 5 foot long crystal kerosene chandelier. It was also a pull down . It was also electrified for use now.
Then you went off to the right to the formal dinning room and formal parlor  to receive your guest .
Did I mention 11 fireplaces in this house a fireplace in every room with  original inserts. I will be showing pictures.
I slept in one of the 4 upstairs bedroom suites now these room were large enough for a 4 large piece suite furniture and 10 ft double pocket sliding doors. 10 foot velvet curtains that Scarlett O'Hara could have made the entire city a ball gowns out of. Also a sofa in one of the bedrooms and The Mistress of the house had a period fainting sofa In her suite. It was just so glamours and I feel so honored to have slept in the grand house
I went up and down that grand stairwell several times imaging like I had on a ballgown going downstairs to be entertained for the evening.
It was so me and so fun. I know if I had lived back then I would have been in the downstairs kitchen cookin up goodies for the mister and mistress's guest.
Oh did I say they had put in an upstairs kitchen ? they live in the upstairs of this grand home .
It was once a red brick home and had been painted white which I love a painted brick home.
There is a painting in the second foyer of the home in it's original color red brick with a horse and buggy out front.
I tell you I could go on and on however here is a few pictures. You can see what I have talking about

front hall way and mirror

Marilyn and Priscilla

14 ft tall remember
     first thing to catch my eye in the ball room besides how long it was a globe de mariee for sale $800.00 complete                                                     

Ballroom organ
           Ballroom settee ready for tea

one of the 2 fireplaces in the ballroom

2nd floor library , love the ladder then up to the lookout tower

I was laying on the floor looking up to the ceiling
         I was at the top of the tower steps looking down to the library

  in the tower looking at the river you can see the river through the tree tops

one of the many steamboat prints going up the wall from the library to the tower landing and around the top banister to the grand stairwell
  here is the large painting downstairs in the grand foyer of the house's original look ( me standing on the front steps waiting on the buggy ) LOL. See the tower built to see the river

Formal dinning room looking into front parlor

Some of Marilyn's flamingo collection                                                         
           Butler's pantry

With all these pictures I didn't get one of the kitchens or bedrooms


I want to show you this lamp I absolutely love so romantic


        I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures I don't feel like I had said enough about this grand house or the owners who love and enjoy it .
It was such a great week end

Before I left town I had to drive 9 miles to visit Richard Cottrell   & Sissy of My Old Historic House . Marilyn joined me since it's because of Richard I met her at his open house tour she was one of the ladies in a beautiful ball gown .

If you google Marilyn Moss you can see listing for this house in Louisiana Missouri.                                         
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Louis Vuitton is here

While I was in Savannah Georgia on vacation  of course I hit some antiques shops and received my large box from the UPS man Friday.  I had to rearrange my living room book cases to show off one of my passions in life. Louis Vuitton
Before and after pictures 

Before I  unpacked my box I was so excited to get it , really worried it may get lost, but the UPS man made it

Don't ya just love that darn packing pop corn it sticks to everything I like to never got it off the rug

 I even bought 2 empty boxes from the same store  on ebay I can never get  a LV box and came home with 2 . Sounds funny to buy a box but they are collectable
top of book cases before I moved a few things , play I spy and follow the dogs LOL

                            Ta Da

Since I took this picture Sunday I have added a few more things on top but you get the idea
I moved my staffordshire  dogs to a higher place on the book shelf

This is my servants bell pull I found on my trip , my first one they can get pricey also because I never want just one of anything LOL

I love this stuff we all have things we hunt for and Louis Vuitton is one I hunt for and this was a total surprise I was just looking to be looking and there she sit among several pieces also at a good price compared to Ebay

All in all I had another great trip south and want to go back in March for a book signing at Back in The Day Bakery I hope to stay at The Ballastone and they said they are booked for the 100th Girl Scout week that would be March 12th 2011 also  I found another place that is over the top called The Mansion which would be close to the bakery   . I just hope the book signing isn't the same week of the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary or I am out a place to stay the young concierge said the town will be full for the weeks activities with Girl Scouts from all over the USA

I went shoping today and brought home more treasures that I will show next post. I had wanted to get my silver chest painted today but once I leave the house I have to hit some of my favorite shopping stops
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Lunch hour treasures

Today on my lunch break ( Thursday) I did some power shopping at a couple resale  stores that I hadn't been to for a while

I had wanted  a built in book cases under my counter in my kitchen but seen this little table already painted and shabby chic ed up and it fits . About the price of lunch at Hardees. I just added these books real quick to see if it would work

   I bought this little couple for price of some ice tea I thought they would look good in the book cases then moved them here on this marble and iron plant stand

This needlepoint rug was about the price of you and me having luch at McDonald's with a coupon LOL


This little tole painted wastebasket was $1.98 better than any goodwill store ? right . Would you believe last spring I sold one for $10.00 then here I am getting another one I can't decide what I want in my house .


This little lamp I found at an antique shop In Jefferson City Missouri (Tuesday). I knew I wanted her soon as I seen her but expected the price to be unbearable well was I surprised. Prices on lots of items have really dropped around here. She has a twin however she was double the price because of a fancier shade so she still lives in Jefferson City Missouri

Here is what her twin looked like lOl

I bought this brass napkin holder for my letters and cards $2.00

 I am always on the look out for pretty cards and love displaying them in my office , home office                                                                     
My box from Savannah hasn't arrived yet and I bought something else today after work and can't get it out of the car by myself so soon as I corner a neighbor I'll get a picture and show you

A friend gave me some hot pepers  because the garden was done for the year. However I don't do hot peppers but thought they looked good in the large shell on my counter
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Savannah Georgia again

I went on a trip to Savannah Georgia and did a little antique shopping at some new shops I found in Savannah Georgia. This first picture was taken at The Paris Market  and this globe de mariee was sitting on a table soon as you got downstairs which I love the lower level as much as the top level of the store.

The reason it caught my eye was I had just seen one or 5 like this at Richard's Manion last weekend and knew what it was . $1200.00 !!!!!!!!!!
It is still in the store LOl couldn't get it in my suitcase LOL

These were the chandeliers just as you walk in the store. Downstairs they have chandelier made with oyster shells

They have the best decorating and art books at that store I wanted about 6 of them talk about coffee table books some of them would fit on the kitchen table LOL very large Oh and a beautiful white feather duster I wanted on about a 30 inch wooden handle it was beautiful I would put it in a vase and use for decor

at the 37th & Abercorn antique shop these lovely book ends caught my eye so art nouveau. And UPS is bringing me a box of things I purchased (OMG) again can't wait to get my items home . Vanna you will love them ?

This was  a shot walking down Broughton street where the S C A D theatre is

Then I went to the Back In The Day Bakery and got my picture with the lovely Chery Day she has a new cookbook coming out in March 2012, look for her on the Today show and Good morning America after that and of course I am sure she will be back on the Paula Deen cooking show also
she can really bake a delicious cup cake and her cinnamon rolls were to die for . Her bakery is so cute or vintage decorated love it . I met Mr Griff her sweet husband also ( hold in your stomach Janice ) The Paula Deen tour bus stops there now she has been on Paula Deen's show several times

I took the Paula Deen tour again this year and got to go in the Bethesda  Chapel where Paula Deen  and Michael Grover  got married  love it. It's out where the boys town is she supports
       It's a very small chapel when you have the wedding party Paula
Deen  would have had with all their friend and family

I took a cookbook with me that I bought from her first restaurant on Congress street back in 1998 she autographed it for me back then. she was in the kitchen cooking and came out to give me an autograph. Her first restaurnat seated 20 people. I thought if I just happened to run into her again I would ask for a updated autograph( didn't run into her she is off on a book signing tour)
 The we went out to Willington Island to Uncle Bubba's ( Paula's brother's restaurant  for you people who don't know who he is)
He was there and was  signing autograph's and letting us get our picture made with him ( so now does that mean he isn't as popular as Paula?)

                                         To Janice

Omg this is the Jim Williams House ( Johnny Mercer House previously) It was the house filmed in the move Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil filmed in Savannah 1995? about. I did a tour of it last year while I was visiting the city

     Me standing out front acting I guess funny? I was saying ohhhhhhhhhhhhh or youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I don't care to show awful pictures of me now do I?                                           

This was a restaurant we had lunch at . Cheryl said go here and I loved it look at all the decor here SoHo


see if you can picture a half large wall with this Muriel I couldn't get it all in my picture
                                              a small chandelier about 4 ft across    
     Our lunch was delicious . we did a lot of shopping in the little boutiques around this area.  I really liked Gacho.We went in a bed & breakfast I think I will stay in next time I visit I have the brochure somewhere I haven't unpacked yet. when I find it might add more to this comment
inside SoHo restaurant

I found a wonderful Ballastone Inn at 13 e Oglethorpe and want to stay there next trip it's right at all the very nice shopping

OK hold onto your socks !!!!! I met this person who was staying in the same hotel as me and she was one of the characters in the Movie Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil  born Benjamin Edward Knox,  now the famous and beautiful Lady Chablis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lady Chablis !!!!!!!!!!! & Me (another terrible picture of me while I was having fun) can you get over the shock of a bad picture ?

"The Doll " joking with me and my picture companion is not a good photographer LOL. I don't mean to offend anyone however I don't follow the drag queen scene but I think she is so interesting and was beautiful in the movie and i even have and read her book . I am holding her autograph

an outrageously charming drag Queen is what her book says . She is very tall and slim and I look like a fat Missouri grandma I really don't like posting my picture but it goes with this story  just like when I went to visit Richard

     I am wearing all black my next picture , black turtle neck and long black dress over it LOL
I had another great trip to Savannah Georgia. I didn't get to meet up with Ginger & Bob ( Savannah Granny ) because of a death of a very close friend, maybe next time Ginger
I hope I din't bore you to death with my vacation pictures I had a ball as usuall when I go to Savannah Georgia. My next trip will be Portland Oregon


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