Thursday, August 11, 2011

Salts & Buttons

I have been all summer trying to get my studio rearranged and I swear things have been so busy for me which I am glad instead of being bored and lonesome. This blog has kept me entertained I can say that

Anyway I moved a long table out from one wall and got the bakers rack painted white and got some of my jars on it . I have jars of white buttons all over my house and wanted to get them all in one spot. Still don't have them all downstairs yet.
Now I have been finding old wooden thread spools everywhere. I mean in jars and boxes in the studio so trying to get them all in one spot. Then sometimes I wonder why do I do this? I mean I love the stuff but I have entirely to much so need to let go of some of the studio stashes.

What would a person ever do with all these anyway? so thinking they will make the flea market this fall

Also I have these  salt dips which use to be placed at each persons place setting  around the table they also had small spoons for each salt.  I got these over several years of buying boxes of things at auctions. I always thought the old Victorian tables were so pretty set with the old dishes and glasses all crystal.

before bakers rack was painted ( I had this on once before )
       Now filled with treasures in jars

These are glass cigar tubes a man at a downtown cigar  store Jon's Pipe shop  gave me. He saved them over time as he would smoke a cigar. I had gone in his shop once to look at empty cigar boxes and ask for these. He said sure I will save them as I smoke a good cigar. So now after airing out I put my prized vintage buttons in them.

I have lots more tubes all over the studio. some with beads and others just small treasures. some of you have seen these 1940-1950's colored buttons I have saved for years adding to them  to this jar  after each auction

Marie Antoinette and family on a shelf                                                                  
       I have jars of Bakelite buttons also and going to sell the dark ones. When  I open my jars you can smell the Bakelite buttons they have a certain smell to them.

Some of these  ladies belt buckles are Bakelite.
Then I have a black velvet ribbon I add my mother of pearl belt buckles to
Then my mannequin Sally Stitch is still in the studio waiting for my company. We spent a great deal of time together since Sissy is gone I talk to Sally Stitch . LOL (don't tell me what your thinking ) LOL
          Let me show you one more thing in the studio area. a  set of  lamps I just had to have once. I bought the bottoms in Independence Missouri at a shop and the shades in Portland Oregon
I know they are different colors but I liked them anyway.

Fenton glass

     I was just reading Richard's blog last night about him having his 100th post and just realized I am at 127 !!!!!!!! and this is my one year anniversary  month for blogging  . I started about this time last August. ( I know I already said that before also)    Richard has a give a way also. I know I didn't already say that.                                                 

I went to see the movie The Help last night( thursday) and it was funny sad and very entertaining.
This was an era I lived through and could relate to the movie as anyone can.
Lots of pie in the movie, chocolate pie that is   yummmmmmmm

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  1. Love the look of the wooden spools in the glass jars. The little glass dishes look great!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Yep! You are a true collector, Janice. How do I know? You've admitted you've got TOO MUCH stuff. lol Maybe you should open an Etsy shop and start selling online. By the way, I love the thread spools in the jars.

    Thanks for joining the party again. It's fun to see your collections.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  3. Your studio has so many of the same things that I have- jars of spools, jars of white buttons, a bowl full of glass stuff (mine are prisms)- love your bakers rack full of goodies, too!

  4. Isn't it fun to surround yourself with the things you love? Loved this post.

  5. I love your studio! I have all my trinkets and buttons etc in glass canisters as well!