Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'am a Picker

Yesterday my neighbor ask me if I wanted to go with her to a yard sale and of course I went. Even though I wasn't going to another yard sale this year.
So we got in her new Mercedes LOL and away we went . It's so funny driving up to a yard sale in a Mercedes. ( just doesn't fit the pictures) ya know what I mean?

Anyway I had a ball first sale we went to was all vintage items a girl was selling Grandma's old clothes and dishes. We didn't go till about 9:30 am and ya know that is 2 hours after sales starts. I always wanted to be there soon as they open. However I got some good things for other people.

That is what I said I'm a picker. I got these old vintage dresses look like new one still has the original price tag on it. I would say early 1960's.
Look at those buttons I love the rhinestone middle

            I know 2 different girls who will want these

Now these I know a girl who wants them for her second kitchen. she is doing a 50's kitchen in the lower level of her home. ( because her husband doesn't like old treasures. I would say doesn't appreciate days of old so I suggested she do the great room kitchen all in turquoise like she wants( I am marriage counselor also )LOLOLOLOL

                                                         Texas Ware

 This I did stop at a yard sale on my lunch break Friday
it was so cute and she had it in her trash pile. I made over it and said you just can't throw this away I will use it in my studio and
put  material and big bolts of thread in it . So I got it

If I don't decide to keep it I will take it to the flea market when I set up again. Thinking out loud that is where it needs to go ( I forgot I am downsizing) I just couldn't stand to see it go in the city trash truck coming

This little pink scarf was awful cute I thought with the dancing girls all in a row

This chair was a must have it screams flea market patio chair ( for someone)

After Sanela brought us home in her new silver Mercedes that I want , anyway I drove down to Lake of the Ozarks Home Goods store and out of town I stopped at this high end estate sale of a lady I know who always just does the best sales.
While just looking to get my fix of elegant vintage real antiques I went into one of the bedrooms, that is my second favorite room at estate sales the clothes are just wonderful the old hand bags shoes and always mink coats which darling I don't need another.
anyway down on the floor in their new box never worn was these , my size marked $120.00 , didn't pay that price of course. My new around the house shoes
So i will add up my day out at yard sales

Dresses $1.00 each
Baby basket  $2.00
Metal orange chair $.25 one quarter
Turquoise set of  Texas ware dishes $3.00
Pin cushions $.25 one quarter each
Cocoa cola ruler $.25 one quarter
Birkenstock shoes $4.00
Lady Schick $.25 one quarter
pink scarf also one quarter

Then I just had to have another set of my Mom's silver ware it's Coronation silver plate from 1947 . That is what the box label said however my Mom got married in 1957. I will get the silver polish out . I wanted this set for the soup spoons. My sister has Mom's original wedding set and I bought me a set just adding to it . I bought it on line from Ross Simons jewelers. soon as I seen it in their catalog I wanted it .

Oh by the way my chalk tray is dry
                 It was a fun Saturday and I didn't spend a lot

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  1. looks like you picked good. Keep on going. Richard and Sissy from My Old Historic House.

  2. Love the turquoise dishes and the baby basket is so sweet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Look at all your good finds. I can't believe someone was actually going to throw that baby basket sad.

  4. Now I wish you were MY picker!
    I find I run out of hours in the week to buzz around and find what I want/need/love!
    Great finds ... and lucky friends.
    Glad you rescued the baby bassinet.
    I have one just like it -- it was MINE, my sister's, and all our girls napped in it also as newborns.


  5. Girl you know how to have fun. I love the bassinet. I might put some dried hydrangeas in it an put it in a corner. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Very nice finds, love the cradle and the chair.

  7. WOW!!! You had a really good day out thriftin' that old chair!!!


  8. You are one smart PICKER. I can never find such great prices here. That basket is fantastic. Sounds like you live near me--Lake of the Ozarks. A midwest girl.

  9. I am soooo glad you stopped by CITexas Gal to read and comment on my Savannah post. Gosh, do we have lots in common.....Pickers and Collectors...and probably lots more! Great finds for you while cruisin' in the Mercedes. I'd have rescued that bassinet in a heartbeat. Thanks for visiting....I'll be back to Follow...Blogger is so messed up with that lately!

  10. Throwing the bassinette away? Good Grief! Oh My! Well you saved her! Some one will re-do that little gem.
    What some great finds!


  11. Awesome finds, and great prices too!

  12. LoVe the ORANGE CHAIR ~ PeRfeCt for FAll through Thanksgiving!*!*!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  13. You found amazing items at rock bottom prices!! Lucky you!!

  14. Wow, you found some really awesome stuff! I love the vintage dresses and the Texas Ware. I think the silverware is wonderful.

  15. Tomato pin cushions! Haven't seem 'em since I was a child. Lovely. Just lovely!


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  16. So glad you rescued the bassinet. Nice finds.

  17. You made a great haul, I am loving the turquoise too~

  18. Ohmygoodness!!! You did good girl! You are totally like me. I head straight for the back bedrooms where the sewing & craft stuff is. Then the next stop is the garage for me. I do love the pretty dishes silver too. Our garage sales are so great here. Lots of baby clothes, & I don't mean vintage ones.

  19. Great vintage finds you found, and great prices makes it all the better.

  20. Wow, you really pick like a pro, and made terrific finds!

  21. Hooray! The chalk tray looks great!!!!!!!!

  22. I adore this wonderful orange chair!! thanks so much for linking up with VIF! xo Debra

  23. I wish I had been with you. What a fun Saturday. Good eye!!!

  24. OH! That BLUE Texasware is FABULOUS!

    THANK YOU so much for visiting me today! Yes, isn't that luscious blue velvet couch on my header simply divine??

    Your kind words are much appreciated. HAVE A BLAST SHOPPING!!! Anita

  25. Being a 'picker', I'll bet you watch Cash and Cari and American Pickers on tv. :) You got so many great things. The dresses look like some my mom and granny wore and mom had the same little pin cushion with the strawberry attache to it to shapen the pins.Fun finds. Happy thrifting.

  26. oh my heavens, I am in love with your blog... where have you been all my life!! I quit my addiction to garage sales years ago and now you show me what I'm missing out on! LOL at driving up in a Mercedes! Come back and visit me again...

  27. Nice pickin girl. I love everything!
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I am so glad to meet you. I'll be following you now and will be back often.


  28. Dang girl! You scored some deals!! I would've saved that poor bassinet too! What a cutie, and saved in the nick of time!

    Are you kidding me you passed on an LV trunk for $300?? I'd be kicking myself too! (Sorry!!) I actually AM kicking myself for passing on an alzer 75 on craigslist for $700! (I just checked LV and it's $7500 new!) Granted it was an older used one but still!
    I did a post awhile back on my LV collection here if you didn't see it?
    I'd sure love to see yours!*winks*.......Vanna

  29. Those dresses were a dollar EACH??? Oh heavens you scored!! I hoe you will link up with me here:

  30. What great finds! The chair is my favorite. It would be fun to paint it up and put it in the garden.

  31. The texas ware is beautiful. The colour is awesome!

  32. I love your treasures, you have a great eye.
    sounds like you girls had a blast and found some rewards. First time to come by, I came from Stuff and Nonsense, drop by for a visit. kathy

  33. Well, you got some awesome thrift finds! Love them all. That baby basket will be adorable filled with fabrics! Thank you for joining TTF and I hope you are having a fun week!

  34. heya oh my do you have a great stash of goods!!! wonderful dresses...and the price wow!!! my lil' baby chick puts lace in ol jugs and burbon bottles and places them around her room...ive just gotta show her your stash...thanks for the comments on my blog...happy trails...Cat

  35. Hi Janice -- You have a discerning eye and I like it. I was recently in St Louis and everyone was so nice. They thought I had an accent though (ha ha) Imagine that! Blessings Terri

  36. You definitely have the EYE for good pickin's ! How I would have LOVED to have had you around when I owned a store...I had forgotten how much fun picking can be back when I just owned a little anonymous booth with no clients, and could just pick whatever. But you have a skill of knowing all sorts of people and being able to pick out items that will fit their circumstances....great picking!! :-)
    thanks for sharing,

    big hug

  37. Oh, one more thing....I love that you wrote you were in a Mercedes....I find that hilarious too...I will never forget having this one customer/client who was a ball - and a multi- MULTI millionaire. I was with her, and she insisted that we go down this alley to get this really cool headboard that was next to a trash dumpster and I had it reupholstered for her MASTER bedroom! And yet, I designed custom bedding for her three beds for her guests rooms....she was great.