Monday, August 29, 2011

Salt & Pepper

I was talking to a friend out in Portland Oregon who has new spot in a new antique mall in Oregon City ( Christine LeFever) and anyway she was telling me about one of her new projects using old rusty salt & pepper tops and the shakers in a garland somehow. Not knowing what they looked like I made a garland version with what old salt & pepper shakers I had and a few sterling lids off some of the sterling salt & pepper shakers I have then had t add a few rhinestones.
It didn't take long at all to make soon as I found my wire looked for that 15 minutes, I have so much in the studio I can't always find what I'm looking for. Getting my items together was fun also.

                                     Click on this picture to make it bigger I think it is so pretty

I really enjoyed making this and have it hanging on a mirror in the studio. My Sally stitch name of this mannequin  was observing what I was doing. She stands by the mirror with all her lace collars and pearls on

In between the shakers and rhinestones and sterling lids I used some of my wooden thread spools for spacers. Click on these next 2 pictures to make them larger and you can see the beauty hanging on this wire

while I was waiting for my jar lids to dry I was working on this garland. I will hang the garland maybe across a window

I have about 20 old 3lb peanut butter jars and the lids were bright yellow. I knew something would have to change on them for anyone to see the beauty in these old jars. I still have some black chalkboard paint so went to work. First I just painted 3 then decided to do all of them so played for the last 2 days off & on with chalkboard paint and jars added a couple buckets and even did some glass canister jars for fun

the number 3 is a smaller jar and now all the lids drying after I painted all these I found another box of jars in the garage , they are still there done painting today LOL. The little bitty lids goes to some small jars that needed something done with them also. Oh I see a flower pot laying there I was painted my name on it. I was really having fun with that paint


i wanted to add something to this bucket also. Once I had this bucket on the kitchen table with hydrangeas in it

now money jars and an old cardboard hat box I completely painted because the outside was dated but the inside has little blue birds

          Now I'm headed to the mall to find a new swim suit ( on sale ) I am going to start swimming at a local   membership gym

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lace on a jug

I see all these glass  jugs on decor magazines and on different blogs and thought I would dress one of my jugs with lace instead of burlap or twine which I like but I have more lace than any of those items. Also some have looks like wrapped in a wicker

                                       undressed jug

 and now dressed in her Sunday best Lace
I do believe this pearl collar makes it look much better

I have some more jars I am decorating and hope to have them ready for show and tell this week. Some girls have some really cute ideas. I am painting the lids with chalk paint them going to write on top with chalk or put numbers on them? You can use them to store your pretties like lace buttons rhinestones whatever.

Now an after picture and I will fill them with lace and rhinestones  I could glue a big rhinestone pin on the outside also?(thinking)                    
I was drooling over Ms Vanna's closet because she collects and  has a lot of Louis Vuitton bags and luggage  which I would rather spend my money on than any old jar or piece of lace so decided to get mine out for show and tell. I didn't get a couple small billfolds in my pictures however sure you don't mind. we each have out things we love and this is mine.
 Her blog is delusions of grandeur .

My first Louis Vuitton was a speedy and I have always liked speedys so have 3 of them . I won't name each one for your pleasure because can't remember the name of each one off the top of my head.

I know what i want now is the make up  train carrier or small trunk. I would spend my grocery money for one LOL I need to loose some weight any way

One friend said I have a problem, don't we all ?

                                        Love it
               Well this is short I have my mowers out sheets on the line food on the stove, clothes in the washer and company coming so need to get in the shower and get things put away.                                      
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'am a Picker

Yesterday my neighbor ask me if I wanted to go with her to a yard sale and of course I went. Even though I wasn't going to another yard sale this year.
So we got in her new Mercedes LOL and away we went . It's so funny driving up to a yard sale in a Mercedes. ( just doesn't fit the pictures) ya know what I mean?

Anyway I had a ball first sale we went to was all vintage items a girl was selling Grandma's old clothes and dishes. We didn't go till about 9:30 am and ya know that is 2 hours after sales starts. I always wanted to be there soon as they open. However I got some good things for other people.

That is what I said I'm a picker. I got these old vintage dresses look like new one still has the original price tag on it. I would say early 1960's.
Look at those buttons I love the rhinestone middle

            I know 2 different girls who will want these

Now these I know a girl who wants them for her second kitchen. she is doing a 50's kitchen in the lower level of her home. ( because her husband doesn't like old treasures. I would say doesn't appreciate days of old so I suggested she do the great room kitchen all in turquoise like she wants( I am marriage counselor also )LOLOLOLOL

                                                         Texas Ware

 This I did stop at a yard sale on my lunch break Friday
it was so cute and she had it in her trash pile. I made over it and said you just can't throw this away I will use it in my studio and
put  material and big bolts of thread in it . So I got it

If I don't decide to keep it I will take it to the flea market when I set up again. Thinking out loud that is where it needs to go ( I forgot I am downsizing) I just couldn't stand to see it go in the city trash truck coming

This little pink scarf was awful cute I thought with the dancing girls all in a row

This chair was a must have it screams flea market patio chair ( for someone)

After Sanela brought us home in her new silver Mercedes that I want , anyway I drove down to Lake of the Ozarks Home Goods store and out of town I stopped at this high end estate sale of a lady I know who always just does the best sales.
While just looking to get my fix of elegant vintage real antiques I went into one of the bedrooms, that is my second favorite room at estate sales the clothes are just wonderful the old hand bags shoes and always mink coats which darling I don't need another.
anyway down on the floor in their new box never worn was these , my size marked $120.00 , didn't pay that price of course. My new around the house shoes
So i will add up my day out at yard sales

Dresses $1.00 each
Baby basket  $2.00
Metal orange chair $.25 one quarter
Turquoise set of  Texas ware dishes $3.00
Pin cushions $.25 one quarter each
Cocoa cola ruler $.25 one quarter
Birkenstock shoes $4.00
Lady Schick $.25 one quarter
pink scarf also one quarter

Then I just had to have another set of my Mom's silver ware it's Coronation silver plate from 1947 . That is what the box label said however my Mom got married in 1957. I will get the silver polish out . I wanted this set for the soup spoons. My sister has Mom's original wedding set and I bought me a set just adding to it . I bought it on line from Ross Simons jewelers. soon as I seen it in their catalog I wanted it .

Oh by the way my chalk tray is dry
                 It was a fun Saturday and I didn't spend a lot

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Studio whites

I really wanted to stay home this Saturday and play in the studio. After I got the bakers rack painted and moved in it made me want to keep the renovation like thing going .

I also have had several maybe 10 silver trays and I see where women are making chalk boards out of silver trays well I liked all of mine to well to paint so found one for $2.00 at a resale shop and thought I can paint this one. It is still drying so haven't wrote anything on it . Directions says let dry 24 hours.

Also my surprise lilies popped up? they really are a surprise. I have neighbors from another country and Senela is so mesmerized  by them  she wants some to plant. These are for pink Saturday

thinking of what to do
I haven't wrote anything on it yet still drying. I used some old cotton trim to hang it

I have had this old pressed back chair stuck in a corner covered up and thought it needed to be out and about for a while . I hung the tray over it

   I found this in a junk shop once for $5.00 and just had to have it , it's wobbly to set in but looks good. That's good enough to use for this purpose

    I am going to try and make a necklace with this Bakelite chain on this old purse handle


     I have had this little bit of wall I have wanted to place something and think I like this look. I bought these 2 wood oval frames at a resale shop for $3.00 for the pair. took the glass out and just hung them over this rack. I was going to paint it white also and had a change of heart thinking I could appreciate the old look of the iron hooks not painted.

  Then of course had to add something to the area. I am not in short supply of anything to add to any vignette be assured of that after 5  yard sales I still have a hefty stash of treasures to play with

I have boxes of old cotton lace and just dug around till I had a piece i liked

I sold a lot of this croquet thread and then found a shopping bag full so might as well play with it for a while, i mean decorate with it


I have enjoyed staying in my home today and  now I need to get on with putting away some of the items I have drug out. Also need to get to the grocery store

I have had so much enjoyment looking at all these great blogs below
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