Friday, July 29, 2011

Top of the Refridgerator?

Well I have been wanting to de clutter the top of my refrigerator for some time. So at work today(Thursday) I said self, soon as we get home we are taking all those items off the top of the refrigerator and rearranging.

I have this nice big laundry basket and baskets are used every where around the house now. So i just filled my basket with the crocks and other things I had sitting up there. Because I don't have any other place to store these things. I just can't get rid of all my crocks YET. But I am in that mood of throwing everything out the front door LOL. Just overwhelmed with what all I have, stuff I like but enough is enough.


 Another before

I like all this stuff but it needs to be someplace else? The 3 tiered dish was my Grandmother's. She was not a dish person but liked this 3 tiered dish so I keep it in her memory

These were behind the bread box & Folgers can

                          After for now

I may remove the yellow crock bowls , also this salt crock was up there someplace I did move it to a shelf by my sink

     This is a picture I took Wednesday after work about 7pm  101       degrees !!!!! I like snow much better

I thought might set sisters chickens there for a while

I moved this one to the entry way I think it looks good setting there with my old books etc

While I was moving things this little guy stuck out . I had never taken his picture. It's an old iron door stop. the red ribbon is a little harness I made him to match my little pug Sissy (she is in  heaven now )

              I carried all the  top of refrigerator dishes downstairs and put them in my storage room for now . I would love to have an auction and just clean out everything and start over LOL
Auctions are so expensive 35 percent is what they want to sell your items then you pay $$$$. for advertising . Guess I will just keep having yard sales.

A girlfriend and I are going to St Louis shopping Saturday. I am printing off some resale shop addresses. LOL more junk to carry home. Really I want new clothes.(always)

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  1. Love those roosters; I really like the yellow-ware bowls with the basket in the background on your frige though--I was thinking too about putting my pic-nik baskets on mine--(gotta get a ladder and clean the top first). great post.

  2. The top of my refrigerator always seems to find things that do not belong there, like a loaf of bread or light bulbs or a jar of peanut butter. I could not find the salt box the other day and it was there among the rest of the rubble. Have fun in St.Louis. The Scolarship Shop is a good one for cloths along with Up Scale Resale. There are a lot of them. Good Luck. RC and S

  3. Looks nice both ways, with the roos or the crockery bowls!
    :) CAS

  4. I'm glad that you brought the bowls up to the front so they can be seen. I think they are very interesting in color and texture. I need to de-clutter my house too. My family is threatening to call the TV show "Hoarders" on me.

  5. The bowls are very pretty, all your thing are pretty but maybe you can find some kind of shelving next to the Refrigerator or on the wall. hum...trying to help...Happy Saturday.

  6. The roosters are wonderful and I just love the door stop. Thank you for joining the Open House party this week.

  7. Good job... I love collecting too and sometimes it does get the better of me... :-)

    Love that little Boston doorstop. My friend's mother used to have one too...and I so wanted to "accidentally" pop it into my handbag.

    Warm blessings,